Monday, February 01, 2010


I have always felt strongly that having family traditions set in place will help foster good memories for Elliette's childhood. We have tried to start a few and as she gets older and we have more babies, I hope we can have MORE! I feel like the traditions I had as a child are the go-to memories that pop in my head and I want that for her and our family.

While we are setting up our new traditions with our family, I am reminded of the traditions we have with our amazing friends. One of which is the Lutsen trip we are getting ready for this weekend! It started quite a few years back and included the group of us staying in a condo on the hill and barely making back the deposit after 3 nights of ridiculous partying... Now that we are having kids, getting older, and need less destruction to judge how good of a time we had - we have morphed into a pretty laid back group. This will be year 2 of trading up to the Papa Wawa Lodge (Josh's Parent's condo on the shore) and leaving the Condo on the hill behind for another group of crazy kids.

And even though nothing is broken - we still know how to have fun!

How cute are we?

Josh even decided to take this opportunity to make me an honest woman!

We also have our Annual CAMP! Weekend at Hok-Si-La which is honestly one of the best weekends of every year. This year will mark the 7th year and I already can't wait. That might be due to my insane love for Glamping (Glamour Camping - which means I bring everything from carpet to a full kitchen), the fact that it's snowing and like 2 degrees right now or because this year we will have a new addition - Jason and Angela's new baby!

Kids and Camping! It doesn't get better than this!


And once the kids go to bed.....

The adults take time to enjoy a cold one... or 8 (as evidenced by the length of their Wizard Staff)

It's so great being able grow up with these friends... I love being able to count on a few experiences every year with them and see how much we have changed from the year before... It's amazing how refreshing spending time with adults (even when kids are around) can be... I sort of forgot that even though we were one of the first of our friends to have a kid - we are not the last! And instead of missing out on the opportunities with these friends - we have all just adjusted and made the most out of it - and our bonds are even stronger...


Angela and Jason said...

I love this. And you! You made me smile REALLY BIG! I can't wait to get together with all our friends Now...& This summer with baby W!

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