Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well I guess once again "THEY" are right!

When I found out I was pregnant, I signed up for a weekly email update from Baby Center that would give me the lowdown on how my little fetus was developing and what I should expect in terms of the upcoming months. It was really useful information and it helped me feel more connected to the little life growing in me. Once Little Missy arrived, they continued to send weekly updates, but they now discussed an actual baby. I have found these to be the MOST useful since babies have a hard time telling you what they need - and it always seemed the updates were RIGHT on in terms of where Elliette was at any given time...

I got this from them yesterday:

From BabyCenter --

Your 22-month-old's social and emotional development:

New this month: Issuing orders

Now that your toddler can communicate using both words and gestures, you can expect him to become quite bossy. Mostly he's experimenting with how his ability to communicate affects the people around him. For instance, he might yell "Stop!" when you start singing his favorite song. It's not that he really wants you to stop singing. He's more interested in seeing how you respond to his order. If he demands "Help me!" when he's playing with a toy, you're witnessing a huge developmental leap. Rather than throwing a toy he can't operate, he can now ask you to help him figure it out. "Look!" is another frequent command. Usually this request signifies a need for your approval. He may want you to compliment one of his scribbles, block towers, or simply acknowledge that he put on his socks. Praising his specific achievements will give him the confidence to keep trying new things on his own.

If your toddler has begun to reject your hugs and kisses or has become uncooperative, give some thought to what could be causing him to act this way. Is there a new baby at home? Have you been working late or traveling? Your toddler may be overwhelmed by his feelings but unable to tell you. Try asking him questions about how he's feeling ("Are you angry with Mommy about something? Are you upset with me because I worked late? Would you like to spend more time with me?"), even if his answers hurt you. Understand that he's trying to make sense of his emotions.

Well there you have it people... My baby is apparently right on schedule in becoming a Toddler. I think once we are back in a regular routine and she feels safe that both Mommy and Daddy are home for good - she will be back to normal... Even last night she seemed back to her old cute self -- I mean - just look at this cheese fest!

Elliette Says Cheese from josh thacker on Vimeo.


Sarah said...

love the cheese-fest!

Angela and Jason said...

I love your daughter...keep the video's coming, I love watching her grow up. So adorable. Cheese.