Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the little things...

So I - err.. I mean Elliette, got a pretty sweet kitchen this year for Christmas... I scoured the internet looking for the perfect balance of realism and playfulness that didn't interfere too much with our modern sense of style since it would be smack dab in the middle of our living room. Once I found it - I then began to obsess over the accessories - pots, pans, plates, food, etc. I have acquired quite a few amazing little items and in the process found a love for felt food. It started innocent enough - a few bakery items, a loaf of bread, a hamburger set... NOW? Now it's a full on problem and I have started making it myself. Sort of like when a coke addict becomes a meth head because he's figured out how to make it...

Anyway, I have been working with felt for a couple of years making my Advent Calendar for Elliette. (Yes - a couple of years to make one project and NOPE still not done!! I've got 2 more ornaments to make and then I can start on the calendar part!! Seriously - you try spending 6 hours on a Christmas ornament in June - NOT POSSIBLE) I have become pretty good working with it - and so the other night as I was trying to figure out where to store the loose bread pieces - I came up with the idea to make a bread bag.

It was pretty easy - and turned out pretty cute if you ask me ---

After searching for an easy bread logo to make seem more real - I went with this version that was a COMPLETE rip off of the old Wonderbread logo

I regretfully didn't take any photos of the process - but I honestly wasn't sure it would turn out so I didn't bother... But in the end - I think it sort of completes Elliette's kitchen a little more. Here is the slices of bread - don't they look real!!??

I hope once she's old enough she will appreciate her Mother's obsessive nature to never leave out a single detail, but in the meantime - it's keeping me busy!


Michelle Rollins said...

ahh! love. how cute are those letters!

lis said...

soooo adorable!
you know there are people making $$ selling felt food on etsy!
its (my) a preschool teachers dream to have shelves full of things like this!
cash in!

angrynikki said...