Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming Home to a REAL Toddler

Well - I am back from Denver, and happy to be getting back into a routine... However, whatever went on in my absence has turned my lovely baby girl into a FULL BLOWN TODDLER. And a bitchy one at that! The other day, she was holding up her tea pot lid and asked me "What's dis?" and I responded "It's a lid." She replied - "NO! TOP."

Well..... Yes, I guess it is a TOP sass ass, but if you knew the answer why did you ask in the first place?

I know it sounds cute - and if it ended there, maybe it would be... But pretty much everything since then has become a fight. Putting on a coat - FIGHT. Eating dinner - FIGHT. Wiping noses, the way I play kitchen, the way I read books - EVERYTHING is her way or NO WAY. She now will say "STAY" when she wants me to stay somewhere. Or "POME." (which means come) and if I don't go along with her - SCREAM FEST! Before, she would listen to me when I said - "Come here Elliette - let's XYZ". Now she looks at me - says "NO" and runs away as fast as she can and laughs at me like a psycho.

Of course I want to blame Josh for not being a little more tough while I was gone, but I am sure it's just poorly timed ACTUAL Toddlerhood hitting... We have been far too lucky thus far to think even for a second that it wouldn't hit us at some point. I mean, she has virtually been a PERFECT ANGEL BABY - so it was either now or when she's 13 and knocked up or hooked on duster (Personally - I am much better suited to deal with this)...

I was once told by someone with many years of child rearing experience that - "Everything is just a stage"* ... Soon enough, she will be through this and sweet again, but WOW. I sometimes forget that she is still a toddler that is trying on personalities. I will just be sure to let her know that this one? WILL NOT STICK if I have anything to say about it!

*Words of Wisdom by Susie/WaWa Thacker


Michelle Rollins said...

nice changes to the blog!

you had me at sass ass... yeah never heard that one before!

hang in there! she it too cute to not brighten your day... sass ass. :)

Abbykins said...

And of course right in line with an unpredictable toddler - she was the most adorable perfect angel again tonight... Keeps me on my toes!