Monday, February 01, 2010


I have always felt strongly that having family traditions set in place will help foster good memories for Elliette's childhood. We have tried to start a few and as she gets older and we have more babies, I hope we can have MORE! I feel like the traditions I had as a child are the go-to memories that pop in my head and I want that for her and our family.

While we are setting up our new traditions with our family, I am reminded of the traditions we have with our amazing friends. One of which is the Lutsen trip we are getting ready for this weekend! It started quite a few years back and included the group of us staying in a condo on the hill and barely making back the deposit after 3 nights of ridiculous partying... Now that we are having kids, getting older, and need less destruction to judge how good of a time we had - we have morphed into a pretty laid back group. This will be year 2 of trading up to the Papa Wawa Lodge (Josh's Parent's condo on the shore) and leaving the Condo on the hill behind for another group of crazy kids.

And even though nothing is broken - we still know how to have fun!

How cute are we?

Josh even decided to take this opportunity to make me an honest woman!

We also have our Annual CAMP! Weekend at Hok-Si-La which is honestly one of the best weekends of every year. This year will mark the 7th year and I already can't wait. That might be due to my insane love for Glamping (Glamour Camping - which means I bring everything from carpet to a full kitchen), the fact that it's snowing and like 2 degrees right now or because this year we will have a new addition - Jason and Angela's new baby!

Kids and Camping! It doesn't get better than this!


And once the kids go to bed.....

The adults take time to enjoy a cold one... or 8 (as evidenced by the length of their Wizard Staff)

It's so great being able grow up with these friends... I love being able to count on a few experiences every year with them and see how much we have changed from the year before... It's amazing how refreshing spending time with adults (even when kids are around) can be... I sort of forgot that even though we were one of the first of our friends to have a kid - we are not the last! And instead of missing out on the opportunities with these friends - we have all just adjusted and made the most out of it - and our bonds are even stronger...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the little things...

So I - err.. I mean Elliette, got a pretty sweet kitchen this year for Christmas... I scoured the internet looking for the perfect balance of realism and playfulness that didn't interfere too much with our modern sense of style since it would be smack dab in the middle of our living room. Once I found it - I then began to obsess over the accessories - pots, pans, plates, food, etc. I have acquired quite a few amazing little items and in the process found a love for felt food. It started innocent enough - a few bakery items, a loaf of bread, a hamburger set... NOW? Now it's a full on problem and I have started making it myself. Sort of like when a coke addict becomes a meth head because he's figured out how to make it...

Anyway, I have been working with felt for a couple of years making my Advent Calendar for Elliette. (Yes - a couple of years to make one project and NOPE still not done!! I've got 2 more ornaments to make and then I can start on the calendar part!! Seriously - you try spending 6 hours on a Christmas ornament in June - NOT POSSIBLE) I have become pretty good working with it - and so the other night as I was trying to figure out where to store the loose bread pieces - I came up with the idea to make a bread bag.

It was pretty easy - and turned out pretty cute if you ask me ---

After searching for an easy bread logo to make seem more real - I went with this version that was a COMPLETE rip off of the old Wonderbread logo

I regretfully didn't take any photos of the process - but I honestly wasn't sure it would turn out so I didn't bother... But in the end - I think it sort of completes Elliette's kitchen a little more. Here is the slices of bread - don't they look real!!??

I hope once she's old enough she will appreciate her Mother's obsessive nature to never leave out a single detail, but in the meantime - it's keeping me busy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Baby thinks in Colors

Recently, Josh was asked to be interviewed for a Local Film Showcase that's held on the third Wednesday of every month called The Cinema Lounge. It's super intimate and interesting because you get to hear all about the behind the scenes of how they made it happen. There was once a time in my life where I was insanely devoted to the local film community here, running a film guild with over 100 members... That was of course another lifetime ago it seems, but it was really nice to be a part of it - even if only for 1 night...

While we were out galavanting with the Locals, Elliette got to spend some much needed time with her Wawa - which is what we call Josh's Mom (well not US -- he actually calls her Mom and I tend to use Susie - but the Grandkids have unanimously voted to call her Wawa) Anyway, we got back past everyone's bedtime so we tiptoed around gathering all of Elliette's stuff and we came across this note from Wawa --

And then we made our way to the fireplace to see what she was talking about and we found this --

Turns out -- my kid has some serious skills! She did that all by herself - which I am STILL in amazement of! And can I just say - the part of her that organized those balls in the most amazing little rows makes me more proud than if she had solved a quadratic equation and gave me the value of x...

If there is a question at all to where she got this skill -- ahem.... Here is some of my sewing/craft stuff:

And yes - that would be a photo of an obscene amount of craft pom poms, tiny crystals, and other misc. items organized by color and size each placed in a tiny ziplock to keep them from touching - BECAUSE THAT WOULD CAUSE MY HEAD TO EXPLODE...

Obviously, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - and honestly, she's in for it. The world is not nice to people like us!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Card Ever

Christmas Cards are such a fun way to connect with your friends and family. We love getting them and it seems that as we get older and our friends start having babies we are getting MORE of them. Which really just translates into the fact that all of us - are slowly turing into real life adults... FREAKY!!

Either way - we take them pretty seriously around our house now that Elliette has come into our lives. We look at it like this, we only get 18* Christmas Cards that Elliette will be in. The same rules apply with Family Vacations, Birthdays, Holidays, etc. - so we try and make the most out of every one...

Here is our card from last year --

My Sweet Angelic Baby Girl

And of course, we felt the need to "one up it" this year....

Our little Elli-Lou Who!

I know - can you stand it? SO F'N CUTE....

Anyway, we are still getting a few stray cards from friends wishing us a Happy New Year and this one came in the mail on Monday which reminded me of something...

Yeah - even if our friends are having babies now --- that in no way will ever make us grow up!



* OBVIOUSLY, we will have a teenager Elliette at some point that WILL NOT play along with us. And there may come a time when she out right refuses to join us on our trip to the Black Hills when she is 17 - but DAMMIT we are gonna pretend until then, that she will always go along with us and our goofy ways!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well I guess once again "THEY" are right!

When I found out I was pregnant, I signed up for a weekly email update from Baby Center that would give me the lowdown on how my little fetus was developing and what I should expect in terms of the upcoming months. It was really useful information and it helped me feel more connected to the little life growing in me. Once Little Missy arrived, they continued to send weekly updates, but they now discussed an actual baby. I have found these to be the MOST useful since babies have a hard time telling you what they need - and it always seemed the updates were RIGHT on in terms of where Elliette was at any given time...

I got this from them yesterday:

From BabyCenter --

Your 22-month-old's social and emotional development:

New this month: Issuing orders

Now that your toddler can communicate using both words and gestures, you can expect him to become quite bossy. Mostly he's experimenting with how his ability to communicate affects the people around him. For instance, he might yell "Stop!" when you start singing his favorite song. It's not that he really wants you to stop singing. He's more interested in seeing how you respond to his order. If he demands "Help me!" when he's playing with a toy, you're witnessing a huge developmental leap. Rather than throwing a toy he can't operate, he can now ask you to help him figure it out. "Look!" is another frequent command. Usually this request signifies a need for your approval. He may want you to compliment one of his scribbles, block towers, or simply acknowledge that he put on his socks. Praising his specific achievements will give him the confidence to keep trying new things on his own.

If your toddler has begun to reject your hugs and kisses or has become uncooperative, give some thought to what could be causing him to act this way. Is there a new baby at home? Have you been working late or traveling? Your toddler may be overwhelmed by his feelings but unable to tell you. Try asking him questions about how he's feeling ("Are you angry with Mommy about something? Are you upset with me because I worked late? Would you like to spend more time with me?"), even if his answers hurt you. Understand that he's trying to make sense of his emotions.

Well there you have it people... My baby is apparently right on schedule in becoming a Toddler. I think once we are back in a regular routine and she feels safe that both Mommy and Daddy are home for good - she will be back to normal... Even last night she seemed back to her old cute self -- I mean - just look at this cheese fest!

Elliette Says Cheese from josh thacker on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming Home to a REAL Toddler

Well - I am back from Denver, and happy to be getting back into a routine... However, whatever went on in my absence has turned my lovely baby girl into a FULL BLOWN TODDLER. And a bitchy one at that! The other day, she was holding up her tea pot lid and asked me "What's dis?" and I responded "It's a lid." She replied - "NO! TOP."

Well..... Yes, I guess it is a TOP sass ass, but if you knew the answer why did you ask in the first place?

I know it sounds cute - and if it ended there, maybe it would be... But pretty much everything since then has become a fight. Putting on a coat - FIGHT. Eating dinner - FIGHT. Wiping noses, the way I play kitchen, the way I read books - EVERYTHING is her way or NO WAY. She now will say "STAY" when she wants me to stay somewhere. Or "POME." (which means come) and if I don't go along with her - SCREAM FEST! Before, she would listen to me when I said - "Come here Elliette - let's XYZ". Now she looks at me - says "NO" and runs away as fast as she can and laughs at me like a psycho.

Of course I want to blame Josh for not being a little more tough while I was gone, but I am sure it's just poorly timed ACTUAL Toddlerhood hitting... We have been far too lucky thus far to think even for a second that it wouldn't hit us at some point. I mean, she has virtually been a PERFECT ANGEL BABY - so it was either now or when she's 13 and knocked up or hooked on duster (Personally - I am much better suited to deal with this)...

I was once told by someone with many years of child rearing experience that - "Everything is just a stage"* ... Soon enough, she will be through this and sweet again, but WOW. I sometimes forget that she is still a toddler that is trying on personalities. I will just be sure to let her know that this one? WILL NOT STICK if I have anything to say about it!

*Words of Wisdom by Susie/WaWa Thacker

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Checking in

I am currently working in Denver shooting some TV Spots and am pretty much convinced I would love to live here...

It's GORGEOUS out - like 60 degrees and sunny. People are nice and THERE ARE MOUNTAINS that you can see all the time!

We actually drove up into them a couple of days ago to shoot a portion of one of the spots and it only took 45 minutes to get to 11,000 ft.!

It was so truly beautiful, and it reminded me of my past life goal to move here someday... I forgot how much the Mountains mean to me and how majestic it all is...

I was beginning to think I wouldn't want to leave.... I mean - I met this guy!

But then today- I woke up with a deep deep heartache... I miss my baby...I miss snuggling with my Munchie Bear every night before I put her to bed.... When we read the 4 books and I sing her 10 versions of the same song. When I get up to lay her down and she points at my mouth and says "song?" and I sing one more. When I check on her before I go to bed and admire how much she has grown since the night before. And of course in the morning when she wakes up -- and this is what I see...

GOD I miss that!

Of course - I miss Josh the Babe and the Dog(s), but now that a huge part of of my heart is with her - when she's not close it turns into ache... And I can't wait to get that part of me back...

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, New Post

There I go again pretending like I am going to blog only to follow it up with months of silence... Well this year is going to be different!! I have goals! I have ideas! I have... well I have good intentions let's just say that for now...

New Years was a great/relaxing/cold/family-filled weekend that was very different from New Years of years past. We spent the holiday in Lusten, MN with Josh's family. On any given night, you would be hard pressed to find anyone but me up past midnight - EVEN on New Years Eve. And as un-exciting as that may sound - I welcomed the extra sleep. I felt like the 2 weeks leading up to the holidays left me with 4 hours a night for sleeping and that was just not enough. And these days, I am feeling more and more need for sleep... My how things change!

I think back to 3 years ago for instance....

Josh and I threw a pretty amazing New Years Eve Party in our garage:






(What? You don't dance with Party Hats as peens at your parties?)

We stayed up as late as we wanted, slept in past 1 (PM) the next day and filled our bellies with a greasy brunch from the Uptown Bar. And then we had this to clean up the next day while we battled our hangovers.

We obviously had a good time... and it has been remarkably different for us each year since. We now have a little baby girl to remind us what we are celebrating in the first place - a new year with her. A new year with us. Taking one look at her makes the celebration part seem less important because I will in fact have to wake up when she does no matter how many Vodka Red Bulls I drank. And I want to enjoy that time instead of regret it...

So - Happy New Year Everyone from the once Crazy Party Girl... Maybe I'll see you in a few years! Until then - I will be waking up to this crazy girl with the crazy hair on New Years Day, and enjoying every minute of it...