Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Okay honestly - this is getting Ridiculous....

This is me --- finally checking in, what - NINE MONTHS later? HA! Well, I have decided to not let my lack of a 12 month letter stop my blog updates any longer!! Just so you know - I DID in fact write the letter - I just never had a chance to "finesse" the letter... You see, the 12th month was by far insanely harder to write than the previous 11 because every time I started to type and recollect over the past year, I was sitting at my desk weeping for really no apparent reason. It was too emotional for me! There - I said it. I had a baby and now I am a baby - BOOM. DONE. Honestly, that kid has stirred up some very emotional feelings, most of which I can't really even put into words - so when I try - I cry. (hey at least that rhymed)... Anyway, I have decided to let that letter go in terms of this here blog and MOVE ON!

Moving on!

This last weekend Elliette and I attended the 3rd Annual Apple Picking Party a friend at work throws every year and we both had a great time... Elliette is getting to an age now where she can attend "Lady" parties with me! Someday, we will be able to come to them without a backpack of distractions!

Here we are on the wagon heading over to the Orchards

Here she is taking a bite out of an apple --- she was getting a little cranky, so I threw this at her and she was totally content for the ENTIRE time I walked around picking apples!

And finally, here she is on a big ass pumpkin... OR IS IT A TINY BABY!!??

Lovely ladies, Last Lovely Day of the Year*, and a Lovely Little Lady to share this all with!

*Obviously, that is my negativity speaking and yes - I wholeheartedly believe it!