Monday, March 09, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Well - we are gearing up for Elliette's most awesome birthday of her life! But since it's her first - I can set the standards at a reasonable level.... Although - because this is me we are talking about, this birthday is going to be excellent and over the top. I mean - have you seen me camp? I camp with a FULL KITCHEN and make Bananas Foster French Toast for Breakfast....

Anyway, I have been getting my crafty on and making centerpieces and table cloth decorations. It's actually been pretty fun and may help me get in the mood to start thinking about planning a wedding! I have a coworker's wife making me a sweet cake that is going to be AMAZING - it may even include multiple tiers. We have family coming in from all over and tons of friends coming out to see the birthday girl in person. I can't wait to see how many friends and family we have at Davannis. I am sure we will be at capacity of the party room and then some. SO FUN!

On that note of party planning, I have been getting the now dreaded question - "WHEN'S THE BIG DATE???" and MAN! I have no idea! Really - I am NOT in a hurry to start this process. I still need to have the "talk" with my Dad - where he turns into Daddy and I have to ask for money and feel 16 again. I am sure in the end everything will work out, but I feel bad in these uncertain times we live in taking large sums of money from anyone - especially my Dad who works for himself in the remodeling business. Not too many people are doing cosmetic changes to their houses these days.... BUT, I can't sit here and be engaged for 3 year waiting for the market to change, so I think he may have to dig into his secret stashes of money that he hides in his sock drawer... We will make whatever he gives us work. I can't justify taking out a personal loan to get married and any savings we have needs to be saved for emergencies. It's tough - I want the awesome gathering of friends and food and wine, but it's a tough time to do that right now. We will see what it ends up being after I talk to my Dad. Once I get the dollars all lined up - I will set a date to set THE date. I may even get crazy and plan something for this summer!!

SO -if anyone has any ideas for a fun summer wedding idea - let me know. The best one I have heard so far is a couple that rented an old Boyscout Camp for the weekend and had their wedding there. I like that idea - but it may be a little too "rustic" for what I want. I need a fun, inexpensive way to have all of our friends and family gathered to watch us get married and have a fun party. Seriously - ANY ideas are welcome!

We went to an Art Opening over the weekend and were tempted to buy like 10 different pieces. We already have 1 painting by this Artist and it just so happens that he is a friend, so we will see what happened over the weekend and see if the 3 we LOVED are still around... If you have time - check out his stuff at the Roslux Art Gallery. Scott Wenner is the Artist - VERY amazing stuff...

Hope you all had fantastic weekends and the daylight saving time change didn't throw you off too much!