Friday, November 14, 2008

Elliette - Month 8

Dear Baby Girl,

Today you turned 8 months old and it’s hard for me to believe that it’s only been a month since the last letter I wrote you. You have changed so much in the last 30 days that it seems like 3 months ago that I was writing about you rambling, and standing and attempting to say Momma…. You are different this month. You are growing up. You are becoming a little person and you are SO much more aware of the world. And because of this, my life has totally changed too.

I now constantly need to keep on eye on you because you are becoming adventurous and curious and you want to test your limits on everything. It’s so amazing to see you want to interact with everything. No matter what it is – my hairbrush, the mail, the dog toys, the carpet, or the plastic cap on my water bottle – ANYTHING and everything is awesome to you. When I give you things to look at, you examine it so very carefully and once you have figured it out – it’s on to the next thing. It’s tougher now to keep you entertained, but it also gives me the opportunity to interact with you on a much deeper level.

Sometimes you look right into my eyes and I get totally overwhelmed by how real you have become. You are thinking things now, and you are figuring things out. It’s a little scary too because now, my actions will be affecting you more. You watch me and I can tell you want to imitate me. Your Daddy and I have been able to go about our lives without really worrying about you knowing what we are doing or talking about. So now – seeing how you take everything in, it definitely makes me more aware of myself. So from now on, swearing is OFF limits, yelling at the dogs needs to stop, and watching inappropriate TV like True Blood and Dexter will have to wait until you are in bed.

So not only have you become more aware of what goes on around you, you have become more aware of how you can maneuver your little body! You are still not officially crawling, but you are doing everything BUT! You get yourself up on all 4’s and rock back and fourth. You attempt to move forward but you usually fall on your tummy. You have figured out how to get back up on all 4’s though and you can even get yourself back into a sitting position when you are lying down. If there is anything you can get a grip on, you will attempt to pull yourself up. Your face when you are focused on getting up is HILARIOUS! It’s very serious – and although you have only managed to get to a standing position twice that I have seen, you do NOT quit! I admire your go-getter attitude! When you are standing up at a toy or the couch, I can tell you feel like you are doing a pretty cool thing, and you can stand there and play for like 20 minutes! I do have to be ready to catch you at anytime though, because if you fall – you SCREAM! I know it doesn’t really hurt, but I think you just like to milk it!

This month was a big one for firsts – including your first TOOTH! Or, should I say teeth! You have 2 cute little chompers on the bottom of your tiny mouth and when you smile now, it’s SO FUNNY to see them in there! You look so much more grown up with teeth! It was a little hard on me when you got the first one… It was like I realized you would never be a gummy toothless grinner again. You will only get more. And that equals big kid… Which of course is always a little bittersweet for me. Your first one came 1 day after you turned 7 months. And the second one came last week. You were pretty easy to deal with aside from a couple of restless nights of pain. I can only imagine that it hurts terribly and I feel just sad when I know you are in pain.

You have also starting to do some cute little baby tricks. I do realize that you are NOT a puppy, but it’s sort of the same process getting you to do something new and cute. It started with you shaking your head “no no no” back and fourth. You had done this a couple months back – and then you stopped. But now, you totally do it back to us and it’s very deliberate. Then we got you to give us 5 – which is a little touch and go now. For a few days you were totally getting it, but now I think you may be over it because we can’t get you to do it very often. You also have started to clap whenever we sing this song -“Clap Clap Clap. Clap Clap Clap. Clap Clap Clap your hannies” and you are SO cute trying to make a noise with your tiny little hands. But the kicker Little Miss, is your latest trick, which is waving “Bye Bye”. You did it for the first time when we dropped you off with your Papa and Wawa. Your Daddy and I were leaving and you just starting waving! We thought it was a fluke - but now, I say “Bye Bye” Elliette and you wave your hand like a Beauty Pageant Contestant! You even try to say “Bye Bye” when you do it! I even have proof! Probably the cutest thing any child in the entire world has ever done. You are the best!

While we are teaching you these “tricks” we give you a TON of praise, which is TOTALLY throwing Lena off. She assumes that any loud “Yayyyyy!!! Good job Elliette!! Whaooooo!!” is all about her and she tries to get all up in the mix. There have been a few close calls with her wild paws and excitability, but eventually I am sure she will learn that YOU are center of the universe in our house – NOT her! You however, LOVE that dog – much to my chagrin. Before you came, I was very worried about her being resentful towards you, but really she just wants to make sure you are okay. You two are going to be good buddies I think. She makes you laugh like NOTHING else! Sometimes you just sit on the floor and watch her play with her toys and for some reason, you think it’s the funniest thing that has ever happened in your life. It’s totally hilarious listening to that belly laugh. I am very glad that you like animals, because your Daddy and I both do too!

Remember last month when I told you about the Nukkies and how I went all over Minneapolis looking for as many as I could find – only to have you decide that you didn’t need them? Well that was short lived! You now LOVE the nukkie again and for a few weeks there, I couldn’t get you to take it out of your mouth! You learned how to put it in yourself and for some reason, that freedom made you LOVE having control over that thing! So, in the end I am very glad that I found all those nukkies for you because if it makes you happy Sweets – I would have driven to the North Pole to get you more!

The Highlights of Month Eight:

- We attempted to take you to your SECOND rock show at the Electric Fetus, but the band Broken Social Scene was a no-show. It was still a cool thing to be able to take you into one of our favorite stores, but BSS would have been much cooler…
- I tried to give you chunks of bananas and kiwi, but you gagged on them so I decided that wasn’t the best idea. You are so good at eating those puffs I thought you might want to try something new! Apparently, the texture was too much for you… I didn’t actually eat bananas until I was in college because the texture freaked me out too…
- We have officially moved you into the next stage of car seats and now you are sitting in a big kid seat that stays in the car. You are still not sure what to think about it. You like being up higher and being able to see things, but when it’s dark out and you are in the seat, you tend to scream. And that SUCKS! I actually put battery operated Christmas lights all over the ceiling above it in order to give you a little glow and to distract you. Hopefully that will help!
- You were in your first Wedding this month for your Auntie Greta and Uncle Tom. You and your cousin Eli were the cutest, most adorable Flower babies anyone has ever seen. You should have heard the “oooohhhss” and “ahhhhsss” that came over the crowd when we walked you guys down the aisle. You got to meet a bunch of Daddy’s family that still had not even met you yet so that was nice.
- You are still sleeping AWESOME and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. On the weekends your Daddy and I try as hard as we can to get you to sleep in with us. If we are lucky we can get you to sleep in until 10am – which is pretty amazing. Maybe if we keep doing this, you will become a lover of sleeping in like your Daddy and I…
- You are really starting to figure out how to manipulate your little voice – and SCREEEEEECHING has become one of your more favorite ways to express your self. I still love it, but I am sure that will pass and I will want to put a muzzle on you eventually. Until then – keep screeching sister!
- You are totally growing and are getting reaaallllly long! I remember looking at 6-12 month outfits in your closet and thinking – “When she fits into this it will be SO WEIRD! It’s SO BIG!” I just couldn’t imagine you bigger than my little munchy newborn. But now, here you are wearing them all and they fit perfectly! And good god child, you are adorable.
- Toys you cannot get enough of: the squeaky doggy, your new Jungle Activity station, your tiny duckies, the little pink bunny (that has been lost at Target and I intend on getting you a new one before you notice) and pretty much ANYTHING that is in my hands, on the table or in the dogs mouth.

Current Nicknames:

- Belly (of course)
- Belgian or Belgian Waffle
- Bell
- Elly Belly (or Elly Bell – they actually all call you Baby Ellie at Daycare)
- Bear (or Belly Bear)
- Muncher, Munchy, Munchy Munchy Butt Cakes, Sugar Butt Munch (SORRY!)
- Miss, Little Miss, Missy or Missy May (this one is a BIG one for me this month)
- Baby Girl
- Sweets
- Shougs (like short for Sugar)

I think to myself every month as I write you these letters how incredibly blessed and fortunate I am to get to be your Mommy. And I will get to be your Mommy for the rest of my life. How did I get so lucky? How did I get the best baby there has ever been to be MY baby? Being a Mommy to such an amazing little girl is really, truly, the best thing I have ever done. Someday when I am your “Mom” and not your “Mommy”, I will remember how you changed my life and no matter what – YOU will always be my baby. I love you so much baby girl!



nikki said...

okay, first...

munchy munchy butt cakes is the best name ever!

and second... shit? luckiest parents ever!

Anonymous said...

love reading this...especially since I don't get to see your family that often. My sister just had identical twins, you should check out hers too.

We will be up there for some days near christmas if it works maybe we will get to have a visit.