Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All things Minnesotan..

So yesterday, I was driving home from picking up Elliette at Daycare and what do I see, but a DEAD DEER strapped to the roof of a car. Now, I understand that hunting season just started and that this IS Minnesota, but I am pretty sure I was in ST. PAUL and not in Hugo. Honestly, is that even legal? To have dead carcasses of animals just ON YOUR CAR?

I grew up in South Dakota and believe me, I was not sheltered from this sort of thing by any means. BUT - it was a part of my childhood I would rather forget. Seeing that deer yesterday brought up a few memories that I thought I would share. I remember when Pheasant Season would start and my Dad would come home with his buddies all stinky and dirty. I just knew that whenever he came home, it meant that there was going to be bloody dead stuff all over the garage which totally freaked me out. And of course, I would always forget and accidentally walk into the garage and see bird feathers and beaks and blood and it would send me into a tailspin of crying and wanting to know "WHY!?".

He also would take the meat from these birds and soak them in a bowl of water in the fridge until he ate it. This meant that I was unable to open the fridge for any reason until they were gone. If there was absolutely no one around to get whatever I needed out of the fridge then I would close my eyes and grab whatever I needed as fast as I could - and I usually screamed the whole time. I don't know why that meat scared me so much, because it's pretty much just like chicken only darker. I think it was because I saw them whole with feathers and I knew that my Dad turned actual birds into meat. It was freaky!!

What's freakier? Is that for some ungodly reason, I was able to take the legs of these birds, pull on the main tendon and make them open and close. WHY on earth was I able to do that - but I couldn't even LOOK at the meat??!!? I am insane I guess. So insane that I actually took two Pheasant legs to show in tell in 4th grade. And everyone thought I was gross.

SO - Let the Hunting begin!!


happygal said...

Have to admit I am gagging just a little bit over here...


Abby Girl said...

I know - it's gross. I am gross! But I have become grossed out by myself so I am pretty sure I will not be that gross again. And thankfully Josh is not a hunter so Elliette should never have to worry about dealing with things as gross as this... haha GROSS!