Friday, October 17, 2008

Let the biting begin...

ELLIETTE HAS A TOOTH! Or what will become a full on tooth! I was hoping she would skip the whole teething thing all together, but here we are 1 tooth deep!! Everything makes sense now as far as her crazy screaming night on Saturday and the excessive drooling all day Sunday. I discovered it while feeding her the nighttime bottle on Tuesday. She started screaming out of nowhere and just for fun, I felt her gums... It seems like the worst is over and we will be able to see it soon. It is SHARP! I am so glad that I am done nursing, because if that accidentally bit down on a nip??!!! OH MA GOD.

It's the bottom right and so far it's the only one I can see... She is VERY protective of her mouth - so I can't pry open her mouth for longer than 3 seconds. So obviously I don't have a picture of the actual spot. But thats not for lack of trying! Here is my attempt... and without knowing what the bottom one is a photo of - it could pass as porn.

This is bittersweet for me. I am glad she has teeth, because dentures at 3? NOT COOL. But this all just means more big kid stuff is happening for her! What next? Am I going to have to buy her a training bra?!!???

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