Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elliette - Month 7


Dear Baby Girl,

Well here you are just trucking along… Everyday seeming less and less like the baby you were and more like the big kid you are becoming... You used to lie in my arms and look up at me, but now you want to stand up on my lap and pull my hair. You used to coo and need help being engaged, but now you sit on the floor screeching and playing by yourself for hours. It’s really amazing how in seven months, you have completely become a new kid. A kid I have grown rather fond of and can’t wait to see what milestone you hit next!

You are still not interested in crawling and therefore have not tried to figure it out. We have tried to peak your interest with your favorite toys, your favorite non-toys like phones and remotes, us and even the dogs, but really you just don’t want any of those things enough to care. I think it’s getting closer for you, because we have noticed you pushing your butt up in the air, but you get frustrated so quickly that you haven’t figured out what you are doing. I try not to care, because all babies hit milestones at different times, but I have noticed myself really wanting you to crawl lately so that you are on track. I know you will in your own time – and who knows – you may skip crawling altogether and just walk!

You have starting to stand REALLY well and I have caught you a couple of times standing almost on your own! I can put you up to a table and you stand there banging the top like it’s no big deal. You love to feel like a big kid. Next thing I know you are going to be cruising along the sides!

Your talking is getting even closer to sounding like real words daily! You have started to say “Momomomommom” VERY distinctly whenever you are sad or crying. It is absolutely adorable, and it makes my heart flutter a little bit. I am sure you have no idea that it means me, but you somehow have associated it with needing to be picked up and THAT’S pretty amazing!

Speaking of your ramblings, you have discovered a new way to manipulate your voice when you are on your changing table. You have started whispering little noises at us. “shashansbabababa” all at a whisper soft level and it’s ADORABLE. Your Daddy is especially fond of this and he melts in a puddle the minute you start.

We brought you to South Dakota again this month to visit all your family there. You were once again a wonderfully well-behaved little girl and everyone wanted to steal you from us. Your Namba threw a party and your Auntie Jenese got to feed you. The driving part was not quite as easy as the first time we took you there, but you did really well. The last hour or so was a little tough and we were throwing toys at you left and right hoping something looked cool enough to occupy you. We all made it home in one piece and that’s what matters!

There is no mistaking the fact that you like to suck. You LOVED the pinky when you were tiny, and once we found the perfect nuk, you loved that as well. Recently, I found out that your nuks had been changed and they stopped making the version you preferred so I kinda freaked out. I called every baby place in town and managed to find 14 packs of your nuks to keep you happy until the nukky fairy comes and takes them away from you. I spent a ridiculous amount of time finding all those nuks, and of course it would just so happen that about 3 days later, you became an avid thumb sucker. Ha! You still do like the nuk when you are falling asleep, but 9 times out of 10 when I go to check on you in your crib, your thumb is in your mouth and the nuk is nowhere to be found… Oh well, maybe I can sell those nuks on ebay!

Speaking of your thumb, you are on a constant mission to take whatever toy you are holding and try to get it and your thumb in your mouth at the same time. It started with soft toys, because I think you associated the softness with a comfort, and that is what made you want to try and suck you thumb – which you also do for comfort. But now, it’s turned into a funny game. The other night in the bathtub, you were trying to get these little rubber ducks in your mouth along with your thumb and it was absolutely hilarious! Sometimes, you will also be sucking on a bottle and think you need to throw your thumb in just because. Also when I feed you baby food, you try and suck that thumb after every bite. I am not sure if it’s because you are used to sucking to get your food and having your thumb in your mouth makes it easier to swallow – or if you just like suck your thumb! All I know is that it makes me CRAZY because it’s hard to get you to take a bite when you have a thumb in your mouth. It also makes a giant mess and I always try to keep you as clean as I can…

The Highlights of Month Seven:

- Bathtime is still fun for you, but only up until its time to clean you. You have started to HATE having water on your face, which I figured was going to happen at some point. You also do NOT like being interrupted from sucking on your tiny duckies!
- You got another cold this month, which resulted in a fever – only a slight fever, but still it was your first one! No ear infection or anything, but it is taking you a long time to get rid of it!
- You are still an amazing sleeper and sleep all night. There are those few times here and there that you wake up – but it is always related to you needing something – like needing to burp, your head is stuck under the mobile, or it was too dark in your room when you woke up. A few days ago, you woke up and freaked out for a few hours in the middle of the night. I could tell you were in pain, but nothing I did seemed to help. I love you more than anything in the world, but at 3 in the morning when you scream like that – I almost forget that…. Although when you woke up the next morning smiling, it pretty much washed all the bad feelings away. All except for the exhaustion!
- You love going to restaurants because you get to sit like a big kid at the table and eat puffs. It’s so cute to see you figure those things out. You LOVE them- especially now since you have mastered getting them into your mouth!
- I have taught you to blubblubblub your lips by putting a finger on them and pulling your bottom lip down. You started by letting me do the finger part and you just made the noise, but now you have mastered it on your own, only you use your entire hand! Your Daddy hates that I have taught you that, but I think it’s adorable and you are SO SMART to be able to learn things that I teach you! I can’t wait to teach you all sorts of stuff!
- Your favorite toys right now: the activity table you stand at, your tiny duckies in the bath, anything that you can shake and it makes a sound and of course your pink elephant.
- You are finally coming around on the food stuff and you will eat food with chicken in it. I still can’t get you to eat anything green, but somehow Daycare can so I know you will eat it. It also seems like you will try different flavors now and actually give them a chance. So far, your favorites are still Sweet Potatoes and any fruit I put in your mouth.
- You are definitely getting bigger as you are starting to outgrow all those new 3-6 month clothes that I bought you. It seems like you are growing faster than before because you have not been in this size very long. You still do wear mostly 3-6 month stuff, but I can tell it won’t be long!

Current Nicknames:

- Belly (of course)
- Belgian or Belgian Waffle
- Bell
- Elly Belly (or Elly Bell – they actually all call you Baby Ellie at Daycare)
- Bear (or Belly Bear)
- Gummy Bear (Because of your adorable gummy smile)
- Muncher (again, Butt Muncher…. Sorry)
- Missy or Missy May
- Baby Girl
- Pumps (as in Pumpkin)
- Sugar

My muchkin muncher butt cakes, I love you SO MUCH. It’s really amazing how much you have developed and changed in 7 short months. You make every single day joyful and happy for your Daddy and I. We feel like you have brought a light into our lives that we didn’t know existed. Everyday when I get off of work, I rush as fast as I can to pick you up from Daycare because every minute away from you I feel a little less whole. It’s hard to imagine 7 months ago what life was like before you came, because really it seems like life didn’t even start for me until I had you. I am just so grateful that I have you now to show me what it means to be alive. You are my inspiration and I love you more every single day…


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