Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elliette - Month 6


Dear Baby Girl,

Wow. 6 whole months on the outside. THIS is a major accomplishment. Not only for you but also for your Daddy and I as parents. We have officially kept you alive and healthy and happy for an entire half of a year! Not that it is very hard, since you truly are a perfect baby girl. But it really is a major milestone to hit and from here on out, everyone tells me that things go very fast!

You have basically gone from a baby to a genuine big kid! Among the list many new things you have tried, you have added sitting up like a professional to the very top! It’s so exciting to see you sit there, with no help for a length of time that is determined only by your attention span. You hardly ever fall over, and if you do it’s because you are holding your little soft baby and I swear to god – you rock her back and fourth and sometimes you rock too far and fall over. As sad as you sound when you fall, you could NOT be any cuter cuddling that baby!

Speaking of cuddling, you have really started to squeeze back and cuddle and for a Mom, THAT is the stuff I live for. I have spent the last 15 months taking care of you – 9 of those months while you were still inside of me, but to finally have those moments of love that you give back to me are truly awesome. Having my baby girl reach out and want to hug me around the neck is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You like me! You really do!

I am constantly reminded of how lucky your Daddy and I are to have such an amazing baby girl. You never cry really and if you do, we can run down the list of stuff – hungry, tired, diaper, or bored and it will work 90% of the time. And for the 10% it doesn’t, it’s usually related to you not feeling well, or because you are trying to re-adjust from a schedule change somehow. I hope that this is your temperament forever, because I think about how much fun you are going to be when you are able to walk and explore. And because of how easy going you are we are going to be able to do everything! I can’t wait!

We went camping again and this time it wasn’t as easy on you as it was the first time. Immediately upon arriving to the campsite, you broke out in a rash due to the heat and it really didn’t go away until we got back home. It was pretty hot and because you weren’t sitting up great yet, we had to hold you and that caused a lot of sweaty uncomfortable-ness. You also were waking up a little earlier and we couldn’t get you to fall asleep again like at home. Now that I type these things, you really weren’t too hard to deal with; it’s just that when you are not “perfect” we notice! You tried swimming in a lake for the first time, but you really didn’t think it was too cool. You cried until you got used to the temperature and then you just kind of hung out and didn’t really enjoy it. Next year is your lake year babe!

Your chatter lately has turned into full on conversations. You are constantly in a state of mumbles and bababababa’s and dadadadada’s and mommamamama’s. It’s awesome to hear your tiny little voice. Every once in a while, we think we hear you say something that you clearly have no idea what you are saying like – “ouch” or “why” or the other day when your Dad heard you clearly say “Obama” and he couldn’t have been more proud! You also have quite a screech that you pull out usually in public, which we totally encourage because it is so flippin’ cute!

You have not shown any signs of crawling or scooting yet, but I think that is because you are too busy sitting up right now to care. Your Doctor told us that some babies do not ever crawl – but they learn to scoot right there in the sitting up position! We will see what you end up doing. The thought of you crawling is both exciting and completely frightening. We definitely need to baby proof the house and it’s very nice to be able to leave you sitting somewhere and know you will remain there until I get back. But watching you learn a new skill is so addicting to us that once you figure out how to crawl– we may explode with pride!

Your eating is officially big kid now too. You are a pro solid food eater and are LOVING it! You even eat cereal, fruits and veggies at Daycare. That was a big step for your Daddy and I when we heard you were sitting up at the baby bar eating with all the other big kids. When we get home from Daycare I get to feed you your Dinner and I absolutely love to see you try new stuff. Your faces are HILARIOUS! So far you LOVE sweet potatoes, pears, bananas and oatmeal. But I cannot get you to like peas or anything with a chicken flavor to it. You literally gag when I feed it to you. I laugh every time, but it would not be so funny if that gag turned into a full on puke…

The Highlights of Month Six:

- Since you are sitting up so well now –we have put you in highchairs at restaurants and carts at stores. It’s so cute to see you sitting up checking everything out. We can definitely tell you are proud of yourself while you sit there.
- You LOVE these little Gerber puffs that melt in your mouth. It’s the best distraction ever. I am willing to bet I could keep you occupied with these things for an entire 24-hour period of time as long as I kept them coming. You only get about 1/3 of them in your mouth, but that’s not for lack of trying! You can’t quite figure out how to get them from your hands into your mouth. They usually end up getting stuck on the inside of your palm and you suck on your fist until it basically disintegrates. Every once in a while a whole one gets through and your face is AWESOME while you attempt to “chew” it.
- Bath time is now taking place in the big tub. We were having trouble in the sink with you slipping around so we got a mini tub to put in the big tub. You get so excited when I pour water on your head that you loose your balance and fall over. I have now started to put a towel on the bottom of the mini tub and that works awesome. You love your bath and even more so since bath toys are becoming totally fun for you.
- You are totally into all toys now and our diaper bag has turned into a suitcase full of noisy goofy distractions. I barely have room for diapers! Your favorites right now are the Hedgehog Teether, the fake remote that says “GOAL!!”, and a pink elephant that your Great Aunt Jenese bought you that plays a lullaby.
- At night you are sleeping awesome, but you have turned into quite a mover! I put you down at 9:00pm and by Midnight when I go to bed – you have somehow completed changed positions. You could have rotated 180 degrees, you could be sideways, or you could be butted up with you head in the corner. It’s always hilarious to see where you end up when I come to check in on you.
- You are still TINY! We took you to your 6-month check up and your little 13lbs 12 ozs. only put you in the 15th Percentile for weight. It also has posed a slight problem in the clothing department. I had anticipated that by the time the weather changed you would be rocking the 6-12 month clothes, but you are JUST now fitting perfectly in 3-6 month stuff. So of course, I had to go out and buy you an entire warm clothes wardrobe to get you through the fall. Which, as I am sure you can imagine was torture. Hahaha – I kid of course, but it may have actually been torture for your Dad because he has made it a point to try and stop me from buying you clothes every minute of every day. But he can’t argue that you are the best-dressed baby this side of the Mississippi!
- You have finally rolled over the other way now – from your back to your tummy but you really don’t care to do it. I have only caught you doing it a few times. I know some babies use rolling over as a form of movement – and they could get all the way across the room. I think you are just not very concerned with trying to get away from us yet. ☺
- We have definitely taken you out this month. You visited the State Fair, the Minnesota Zoo and you have even gone to a Twin’s game! You loved going to all of these places and because you are so easy going, it makes us want to bring you everywhere!

Current Nicknames:

- Belly (of course)
- Belgian or Belgian Waffle
- Bell
- Elly Belly (or Elly Bell)
- Bear (or Belly Bear)
- Muncher
- Missy
- Baby Girl

Baby girl you are getting so big you are hardly a baby girl anymore. I can tell already that the next few months are going to be full of milestones that make you more and more independent. And as much as I love watching you learn and grow, I am going to very much miss the times that you are still small enough for me to carry and cuddle and rock to sleep at night. I promise to always remember these months for you so that when you ask me someday what kind of baby you were - I will be able to tell you about how amazing it all was and how much I loved being your mommy…