Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elliette - Month 5

Dearest Elliette-

Well here we are just moving right along – Month 5! I promised myself I wouldn’t make a huge deal about how fast you are growing and changing and how you should stop and all that – but really? 5 whole months old? You are barely a baby anymore! Turning 5 months is like turning 12. Not really a milestone month, but still older and cuter nonetheless!

There are so many little things you have done this month that make your Daddy and I scratch our heads and wonder – we made this? So much more of your personality has developed and as it turns out – you are hilarious!

One of the funniest things you do is the minute a bottle hits your lips your left hand immediately makes a “four” and you hold it up to the right side of your mouth. It’s like you were reminding us 6 times a day that you were in fact 4 months old…If you start to make a 5 after today – I may start you in pre school this fall…

You have also figured out that not only can you grab things we put in front of your face, if you try hard enough you can basically grab ANYTHING within reach! So you do – and it’s lead to a few “close” calls… I guess it’s time to start baby proofing! You are loving hair and noses and pretty much anything that is NOT meant for babies… Your curiosity is one of the most amazing things as a parent to watch. It’s like you are finally ready to soak up all you can in your sponge of a brain and I want to show you everything in the world.

My new most favorite time of the day is when you wake up in the morning…. You have hit a new level of sleeping awesomeness and are sleeping in until 8am or later. You also do not even cry when you wake up. I go in to check on you when I get out of the shower and find you awake, just hanging out with your mobile and your feet – totally content. Of course, the minute you see me – your face lights up and you smile the kind of smile that makes the Mom in me weepy…When I get you out, you grab me around the neck and pull your face in and screech – like you want to eat me. I consider this your way of hugging me and had I known what this felt like – I would have had babies 10 years ago…

You are on the verge of full on sitting which I think is going to be one of the biggest milestones yet! It will give you so much more freedom – no more bouncy chair! You can hang out without having to be on your tummy or back. You are only able to maintain a good sit for about 5 seconds or so, but you are good enough that I can give you a bath in the sink without the aid of a baby tub and you LOVE being submerged in water up to your chest.

The Highlights of Month Five:
- You LOVE water! Bath time is now totally fun for you because you LOVE to splash around in the water. Sometimes when we are trying to keep you entertained, we fill the bathroom sink up a little bit with water and let you kick your feet around in it. I think I may need to fill up a pool before summer is over so you can enjoy that too….
- You are now able to anticipate getting out of the car seat. After you get unbuckled, you lift your head up and try to help me get you out – it’s so cute…
- You have figured out how to turn your mobile on with your feet. And as cute as that is - you sometimes flail those legs of yours around in your sleep and you accidentally turn it on and it wakes you up… which you hate!
- Speaking of crib stuff – we are now able to put you to bed when you are sleepy but awake and you fall asleep all by yourself. I was sure you would hate this and would need me to rock you to sleep, but as it turns out, I needed it more than you! As much as I miss that special time where we snuggled and I watched you drift into sleep – I know this is best for you in the end… We have now just made it a different kind of routine – you have your nighttime bottle, we read a book and we rock for a just a few minutes before I lay you down. Honestly – what did I do to deserve such a GREAT baby??
- You still only roll over one way, but you are so close it’s a matter of days… I think that you can do it and you are just holding out for the perfect moment…
- We have tried Rice Cereal and you really are not into it. You can’t figure out what I am doing with that spoon in your mouth. Your faces are hilarious, but you really do not seem like you want to learn this new thing. I am hoping that you just hate the taste of it and once I can throw you some green beans – you will be all over it! We will see next month!!
- I am sure everyone will say there is no way you are able to do this – but we can get you to shake your head “NO”. It takes a while and sometimes you just are not in the mood to do it – but you are definitely shaking your head back and forth and know you are doing it… AMAZING!
- You are not saying any real “words” but you have developed some amazing new noises. It started when we went looking for a mattress – we walked into HOM Furniture and all of a sudden you started screeching. And you didn’t stop all day long. To me – it’s the sound of something awesome but I am sure to others – it’s more like the sound of – SHUT THAT KID UP ALREADY! I don’t care – I am the boss of you and I say – KEEP SCREECHING!
- You totally know your name now and will look at us when we call out to you – which surprises me considering the amount of nicknames we have given you…
- We have caught you doing the downward facing dog when we put you on your tummy, which is a move very close to a crawl… You don’t mean to do it – and it’s usually only after you are getting mad and trying to figure out a way to change positions, but it’s pretty cool to see you try new moves!

Current Nicknames:

- Belly
- Belgian
- Bell
- Elly Belly (or Elly Bell)
- Bear (or Belly Bear)
- Potato Munchkin
- Potato Muffin
- Muncher
- Butt Muncher (I know- BAD)
- Punchkin
- Jell
- Peanut Butter
- Waffle Maker (or just Waffle)

Another month has flown by and it seems that just when I get used to you being a certain age – you go and get bigger on me… So today on your 5-month birthday, I am going to try and appreciate this month for what it is – 30 days of your life. It’s not the baby you will always be, but it’s the baby you are today. And as far as babies go – you are hands down the best yet. I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments in your short 5 months of life that I can’t imagine what it will feel like when you are 2 or 5 or 10. Someday months won’t seem to matter and we will look back at your life in years, but until then – I will cherish these amazing first months of you in our lives and how incredible it is to watch you grow…


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