Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daycare Drama

So I am getting used to the whole back to work thing. It's taken a while, but I am getting there... All was going well at Daycare until this week... It actually started a while back with the woman who would come and fill in sometimes from the other location. And because she wasn't there much - I was able to overlook the bad hair, inappropriate clothes and the tattoo of baby feet on her boob, which I couldn't avoid looking at because her boob was showing... Josh and I both made comments about her to each other and started calling her "Feet Teet" for code...

But this week - she is filling in FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK. Which means Elliette is exposed to Feet Teet ALL DAY for 5 days straight. Not only does she dress like she is trying to get knocked up by homeless dudes, she smells like pubes AND for two days in a row she has had green buggery mucus covering her nose holes. You think I am exaggerating - but I swear to you it's true. If this woman can't wipe her own nose - how can I expect her to wipe Elliette's? It's really really hard to leave her there everyday and focus on work. Josh is calling the Daycare Director to make a complaint and hopefully she will at least be required to have her personal hygiene up to par with Taco Bell employees by tomorrow... We'll see. It's hard to imagine paying the amount we pay every week to have this chick watch my baby. I think I would trust my brother more - and considering my brother eats Jag-bombs for breakfast - that is a pretty major statement....

So tonight when I pick her up, hopefully I don't get any looks like - "you totally ratted on me" or "I am going to wipe my nose on your baby later" or "I might try and breast feed your baby when you're not looking..." because I may just have to bring Elliette into work with me for the rest of the week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Elliette - Month Four


Dear Baby Girl,

Today you turned 4 months old, which is completely too old if you ask me…. I wonder when I will stop wanting you to stay just where you are and accept that you grow constantly. I bet once you get past the baby phase and you become just a big kid, it will be easier. But for now – you are still my baby and I will hold on to every moment I can because I am not ready to let that go.

I am just going to say this, and it’s NOT because I made you, but you are the most incredible child in the entire world. I know all parents say this of their babies – and most probably believe it… But if they had you as their baby for 1 hour, they would realize that you are in fact the most perfect, beautiful baby girl ever and they would then try to convince me to give you to them. Or buy you for some ridiculous amount. Which wouldn’t be the first time, because after first meeting you, your Great Aunt Jenese offered us $15,000 to buy you. We laughed and then kinda glanced nervously at each other because it was an amount that was almost too real to be a joke… So I kept a close eye on you until we left in case she decided to just steal you instead…

You have gone from grins and tiny laughter to flirtatious smiles, uncontrollable giggles and absolutely adorable squeals that just make our hearts skip a beat because we can’t believe you are ours. We can’t go anywhere without someone stopping us to ask us about you and to comment on your beautiful eyes or skin. We feel like the luckiest parents in the world to have been given you as our daughter. And we wonder daily what we did to deserve you…

As you can tell, this month has been a pretty amazing month – not only developmentally for you, but also emotionally for us as parents. As we now begin to acclimate to life with a baby and I transition back to work, being parents is really starting to set in. It really is an amazing journey becoming a Mom or a Dad, and I think it takes a few months before it feels really good because there are so many unknowns. But now, your Daddy and I for the most part have figured you out. Which means we can take you places and introduce you to all there is out there in the world. It’s so much more fun! The scary what-if’s just don’t happen that much anymore. We can anticipate your needs and therefore eliminate almost all of your cries and instead just enjoy each other. It really is an awesome experience being your Mom and it’s hard to believe we are just getting started!

Developmentally, you are like a new baby this month. It’s like a switch went off one night and here we are with a new baby that can do ALL THIS STUFF! Like grab your feet and EAT them! WHAT? One day you had no idea that they were even attached, and the next they are in your hands and the day after that they were in your mouth! Now that you have found your new best friends, diaper changes are easier because you hold your little butt up for us. It also means you will spend up to a half hour on the floor trying to figure out what to do with them next. Which is nice for your Daddy and I because we get a few minutes to get some stuff done.

Oh – did I mention that you also ROLLED OVER? Ah yeah… That one happened on July 10th after I put you on your tummy to enjoy some tummy time. You have started to actually enjoy spending time on your tummy because you have figured out how to hold yourself up pretty well. But now – you are almost never on your tummy because every time I put you on it – you roll over! You have ALMOST rolled from your back to your tummy, but that one seems a little harder for you.

We went to your Great Grandpa and Grandma’s Lake Cabin for your first 4th of July and you did great. You slept right through our fireworks show on the beach so you didn’t get to experience that, but we took you on your first boat ride on the Pontoon and you loved it. You basically would fall asleep and not wake up until we woke you up. The hum and the movement just put you in a trance. You also tried out the baby pool we got for you. I filled it and let it warm up in the sun for a couple of days before I let you get in, but you seemed to like it! It was so nice for you to spend this holiday with your Namba and the rest of the family. They don’t get to see you very often and that made it so much more special to have you there. I have been coming to this cabin since I was a baby and I am just so excited to share this place with you as you grow. I have a lot of great memories here and I hope someday you will too!

This month, we are both going through yet another major change – breast-feeding… When we were home together, my body was making TONS of milk. I made enough to save away like 60 4oz bottles for when you went to Daycare before I headed back to work. But once I was at work, pumping wasn’t going so great. My body started to produce less and less milk. And as you became more comfortable with the bottle and the immediate gratification that came with it – breast-feeding was getting to be stressful. You would fight it because it took too long for the milk to come out… Which, of course, led to me producing even less milk.

I had decided to supplement with formula for 1 feeding a day to make sure you were getting as much as you could take in before bed so you would sleep all night. You were still getting breast milk during the day at Daycare, but I knew the freezer stash was going to run out soon because I was not able to put back the amount I was taking out every day so I wanted to introduce formula to your system. I tried to pump 3 times a day at work, but I was not getting very much milk and it was taking a very long time to get it. I was stressing out about it and it was becoming more work that it needed to be.

So I stopped pumping at work and just fed you in the morning and after Daycare. But you are growing and needed more milk and my body just wasn’t cutting it so we started doing formula all the time at home. And last week, the last of the freezer stash was used at Daycare so you are now on formula there too. It’s been hard for me to not give you the best of everything and when I know that breast milk is better for you than formula it kills me that I can’t provide it for you. But I had to do what was right. And you and I both are happier for it. I still feed you in the early am hours if you wake up from the breast, but it’s mostly for comfort and not really to fill you up. I will say that I miss that bonding experience, but I also enjoy watching your Daddy have a new thing to share with you now so it makes it easier.

The Highlights of Month Four:

- Your standing has now become so intense that the other day I put you up to the coffee table and you were standing there ALL BY YOURSELF! I can also get you to take little steps if I walk with you holding my hands. I swear you will be walking before you crawl!
- You have turned into a little wiggle worm lately and we have to be careful when we are carrying you because at any moment you may decide you want out and arch your back to try and change positions.
- You LOVE to laugh and smile! Every night after we get home from Daycare, I put you on your changing table and we have a laugh session that just melts me. You are so funny and sweet – I want to eat you…
- Speaking of changing tables…. WHOA. You have officially changed your pooping routine and it’s pretty much adult and gross. You only go about once a day now – it’s like you are saving it up for one giant download. And MAN does it ever smell!! Your Daddy and I now argue about who has to change them.
- You are finally able to understand and enjoy toys! I can put something in front of you and you can grab it with no problem and get it into your mouth. It’s pretty crazy to see you interact with them finally!
- You LOVE your excer-saucer toy that Auntie Andrea bought you. We set you in it and love to watch those little wheels in your head turn!
- You have officially transitioned into your Big Girl bed now and are doing great. You haven’t really changed your sleeping pattern at all. You have even slept until 7am a few times now and because of that – I will buy you a pony someday.
- Your hands, I have decided, are just a part of your mouth now. They are ALWAYS in there! I am not sure if you are teething or just exploring the many ways you can get your fingers in there, but you cannot keep them out – unless of course your feet are in there…
- I have been trying to get you to say Ma Ma and Da Da and Ba Ba, but so far you just make funny noises trying to mimic me. No matter what comes out of your mouth though– it’s still adorable and again, I want to eat you.

Current Nicknames:

- Belly (of course)
- Belgian
- Elgen
- Bell
- Elly Belly (or Elly Bell)
- Bear (or Belly Bear)

So there you have it Missy – Your fourth month of life... And what a month it was! You are loved beyond belief and if next month is anything like this one, I hope my heart doesn’t explode with all the joy and happiness you bring into my life….