Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We survived!

Alright. Day one is over and day two is halfway through... I can already tell that this will get a little easier every day, but yesterday was ROUGH! I woke up pretty much mad at the day that was ahead of me just dreading every part of it - the packing of the baby stuff, my stuff for work, making sure Elliette was fed before we went and being late.

Of course I cried. I cried before we were even at the Daycare. I started about 5 blocks from our house on the way there. It was just overwhelming. I couldn't imagine leaving my baby and then going into work! We walked in to the Daycare and I immediately broke down and said "I'm a mess"... and Mary the lead teacher was great. She assured me that all Mom's have a tough time with this. We got Elliette all settled in and left. I cried all the way to Josh's office to drop him off and I cried all the way to mine. I waited in a Caribou parking lot for a few minutes trying to get my face to calm down a little before I walked in to Periscope. Once I was feeling better I walked up to my office and all it took was one person looking in my direction for me to break down again. I went on like this for about an hour and then I finally started to get the hang of interacting with people without loosing it.

I left work early just so I could feel better about leaving Elliette for the first time and when I picked her up, she was a perfect sleeping baby. Apparently, she loves to sleep everywhere but at home because she slept for 2 hours in the morning and was 1 hour into an afternoon nap when I showed up! She was absolutely unaffected by me leaving her there which is both comforting and insulting at the same time.... I mean I have spent every waking minute of the last 3 months trying to figure out what makes her happy and what her schedule should be - and in one morning someone else totally figured her out! It does however, feel really good knowing that she is happy and in good hands....

Today is easier and I didn't even cry once. I was only a half hour late for work so it must be getting easier! I am leaving a little early again but not just for Miss Elliette's sake - for Zoei... She has to have a DRAIN TUBE removed from her back due to a horrible run-in with a Dick Face dog that attached her while we were camping on the beach.

We had just set up our spot with the baby and all of our stuff when out of nowhere a huge 90+ lb dog came at Zoei from behind and snapped her up in it's jaws and proceeded to try and kill her. I ran over to them and Zoei was making sounds I have never heard her make before. I brought her back to our towels and checked for injuries and I found a hole in her back. It was horrible.... Josh ran her to the front office of the campsite where they were able to find a vet to come in and help us. Thank god! When the vet looked at Zoei's wound, she saw that it was really deep and she needed to sew 2 layers of muscle back up in order to fix it so she had to cut a bigger opening for her to get into the layers. Once she had her all patched up she wanted to make sure there was no internal draining so she put in a drain tube. Poor Zoei has a 4 inch gash on her back sewn up like Frankenstein and a plastic tube seeping sweet stuff out of it.... I will be so happy to have that thing pulled out of her so she can finally lay on stuff without leaving behind a small gooey piece of herself. She hates having to wear a cone, but it's totally necessary until it heals a little more. Thankfully she is going to be fine, but it definitely reminded me that she is not always going to be around and I need to not loose sight of her awesomeness with all the baby stuff that happened.

Here she is on Sunday after we got back from Camping...

As far as camping is concerned - our baby is AMAZING. I was totally prepared for the worst when it came to Elliette and the outdoors but as it turns out - she LOVES sleeping in tents and hanging out in the wilderness. She went to bed on the first night at 10pm and slept until 6:45am - the LONGEST she has ever slept. She even took great naps and fell asleep by herself every time. I can't wait to go to the lake in a month and see how she likes the boat!

We took some ridiculously cute photos of her enjoying the outdoors so check Josh's flickr page soon to see!!

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