Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Elliette - Month Three


Dearest Elliette-

Month three? MONTH THREE? It really is incredible how fast you are growing and changing and learning. In this last month you have done some SERIOUS big girl stuff. It’s almost like you are a new baby altogether. That baby you were back at 8 weeks? WAAAYYY immature and super needy – this baby you are at 13 weeks? Totally big time grown up girl doing big kid stuff. Like LAUGHING!

You seriously make ME laugh with all your goofing off! I think you may be the most hilarious baby I have ever met! Your full on coos and gummy grins that seem to take over your entire body are LIFE CHANGING for your Dad and I. Honestly, when you started cooing and smiling, I thought nothing was better. But now when we poke our faces in front of yours you make some of the most incredible noises I have ever heard. Screeching, full force arm and leg movements fake coughing and the grins that will soon be followed by hilarious giggles (SOON!) make every day so much fun. I try EVERYTHING to get that giggle to come out. It has escaped a few times and it’s totally the most adorable thing you have ever done. I am thinking another week and you will be laughing at EVERYTHING!

We took you camping this month and you were amazing. I was totally freaked about stuff that in the end was NOT a big deal at all. How would I heat your bottles? How would I keep your breast milk cold? How would I keep you happy if you the weather was icky? What would I do with you during naps? How would you sleep at night? Turns out – heating your bottles was super easy with our coffee percolator – we got the water super hot on the camp stove and then set your bottle in it to warm up. It took like 3 minutes. The breast milk was still frozen 2 days later, you were happy the entire time so I never had to worry about keeping you happy. You took naps on the tent bed and even fell asleep by yourself. You slept one night from 10pm to 6:45am – longer than you have ever slept in your life…. In a tent! Honestly – you did better camping than you usually do at home… and I have considered putting the tent up in the backyard just in case…

You also started Daycare this month… Which was VERY hard for me, but you seem to have taken it in stride. Mary, your Daycare teacher thinks you are pretty sweet, but it’s still hard for me to leave you with someone else everyday. I want to be the one to see you try all the new things and see all of your milestones. I know though, that no one will ever replace me in your life because no one can love you like your momma. It’s just going to take me a few weeks to adjust. You did come home the other day in a new outfit because you “blew out” of the first one… HAHA – in your face Daycare! But then, on Friday, you came home with the sickness…. I now am sick with some yucky yuck and you have your first ear infection and eye infection. It didn’t take long! Hardy har – in MY face I know I know….

The Highlights of Month Three:

- You LOVE to stand. On our laps, on the floor, and even in the bathtub. I hold on to you and get you to even take a few steps!
- Your head holding up abilities has grown now into the INability to NOT hold up your head. I look in the rear-view mirror in the car and I see you in your car seat holding your head WAAAAY forward just so you are not resting that neck.
- You have now decided that you in fact LIKE the car seat and like going on car rides!! We can drive pretty much anywhere and you don’t make a peep – unless you are talking to your toys and making cute noises instead of those scary ones that make me want to run us off bridges.
- You have officially giggled. The first time was when we were getting ready for a walk and I had you in my arms face down and I heard you make the sweetest noise EVER. I think your neck was being tickled by my arm and it was totally involuntary. It’s not easy to get you to make the ACTUAL giggle but when I do I feel like life could stop… It’s the BEST!
- You love taking baths and are now splashing and kicking like crazy! It’s a great way to pass the evening time before bed because you cannot help but be happy in the water.
- You love being outside – which is why I think you did so well camping. We go on walks and you just can’t stop those arms and legs from flailing like crazy!
- Whenever we pick you up from Daycare, I am reminded that no child is safe from the dreaded SNOTTY CRUSTY NOSE. It’s gross but I still love you.
- You still HATE tummy time, but we make you do it anyway. You definitely are much stronger in the legs than in your arms, but we are working on it.
- You LOVE your Winkle. I know that may sound a bit disgusting, but really it’s just a cool toy with plastic tubes that you can grab onto. It’s in your car seat and you always have a pretty good grip on it when I get you out.
- You are finally able to grab objects and bat at things we put in front of you. It’s going to be crazy when you are able to grab things when I am not dangling them in front of you – like all the booze and poison we keep in the house….
- You are still sleeping in our room in the bassinet, but I think after this month we are going to transition you into your big girl bed… and by transition you I mean me because I am going to have a hard time not having you so close.
- You get the biggest kick out of your Daddy and I when we sing to you. We make up the most ridiculous songs and your smiles make us think we are doing something right!
- You don’t hate sleeping anymore and you actually will fall asleep when you are tired without much of a fight. EVEN in the car seat!!
- You still totally love your hands and still drool copious amounts… Also you blow bubbles all the time and you have almost mastered the noise to go along with it!

Current Nicknames:

- Bell –(sometimes I think we should have named you Belle because we call you it so much!)
- Belly
- Belly Bear
- Bellisimo
- Belgian
- Lollypop (This is your Papa’s Nickname for you)
- Munchkin
- Muncher
- Pumpkin Head

Overall, this month has been the biggest month of changes for you yet. You rounded a corner of development that has really made hanging out with you awesome. You like to just be a baby now and want to see any and everything we can get in front of you. It’s such an amazing experience to show you stuff and watch you learn. Being a Mom to you is the most enjoyable and exciting thing I have ever done with my life. Never stop being curious and never stop being the sweetest, most beautiful baby in the entire world…


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