Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mass Update!

Okay - so if you haven't been over in a bit - there have been LOTS of lengthy updates - sorry about that! I have been working on the Birth Story for a while using those free 5 minutes I have every 16 hours... And along with that, I have been keeping tabs on Miss Belly's progress and what it has been like this month for us. I would LOVE to have a letter for her every month and be able to show her someday on a monthly basis how she changed in my eyes. So that when she is 16, she can rip them up and pee on them right in front of me to prove a point... Kidding of course!

Not too much going on - just trying to adjust to less sleep and more daytime TV. I swear, there was a time when I loved being lazy and watching endless hours of daytime TV, but now - I need OUT. OUT OF THE HOUSE! So every chance I get, I do whatever I can to convince Josh when he comes home from work that there are ERRANDS! ERRANDS we need to run - like NOW. Even at 4:30pm in rush hour traffic JUST to buy a playmat from Babies-R-Us. Because without it - our child will surely flunk First Grade.

The dogs are still holding up well, mostly since they are getting more treats from us. We need to somehow feel like we are at least making up for our lack of doggie love time...

I think I am going to try and wean her a little from me - I know I need to be able to go out without her - but it's hard! I am going to try and start with a hair appointment next week and leave her with a Grandma for the first time. I need to start small however because I can't even think of leaving her at all right now. Am I crazy? I just love her to pieces and I would miss her so much!! Okay, I answered my own question - yes - I am crazy! I am sure it will get easier with time. And in a couple months - I will have to leave her everyday at Daycare!

Josh's sister is 35 weeks pregnant and has just been sequestered to Bed Rest for High Blood Pressure until the baby comes or until they can't let her continue. We may end up having babies MUCH closer together than we thought! Hopefully her little Eli can hang on for another week just for safe-keeping and poor Molly can get off the couch!

Oh - Josh is working on a website for Elliette and we will start posting her Monthy Letters and new videos on that once we are up and running... So if you see Josh, make sure and remind him about it because sometimes he forgets to finish things... :)

Speaking of finishing things - Josh is SUPPOSED to put up new pictures of Little Missy, but he has been distracted by a sort of virus that has invaded our house called ROCK BAND. Thanks Brian Slater! I can't get rid of it no matter how badly I talk about or make fun of it. Someday I can't wait to tell our Daughter - Yes Honey, your Great Grandmother was unable to see your photos because your Dad played a fake drum set all the time.... SO if you see him - again remind him to do something other than fake drumming on tour with Gun's and Roses in our basement....


zara said...

Glad mommyhood is good for you. It's boring here without BCTH but I suppose we will survive a bit longer.

Oh and, I'm moving into your hood if you need OUT you might have a baby sitter once she's not so little and scary ;)

jody said...

Happy Mother's Day, Abby!!!