Friday, January 11, 2008

Well here we are FRIDAY! Oh how I love thee!! It seemed as though it would never be our time - but alas - we are here... I CANNOT tell you all how happy I am that this week is over. I have a feeling that this will only continue as I become larger and larger and more uncomfortable. I sure wish I could take it down to like 3 days a week. Or do like 5 hours days... Oh well - in a couple of months - I will have 3 WHOLE MONTHS OFF! Which will be awesome.

Not much to report here - we are heading to Lusten this weekend to surprise Josh's Dad for his 60th Birthday. His parent's have owned this beautiful cabin on Lake Superior for about 3 years now - and this will be the first time that everyone is able to make it at the same time! All 3 of the kids and their Sig-O's at once! It will be nice - but since we have to wait for his little sister and her boyfriend to fly in at 8:00pm we won't even get there until Midnight! Oh well - it's all in the name of family!

Last night Josh brought home the HD Camera from work so we made a little movie - go check it out!

Baby Room Video

It's going to be great to have access to such a nice camera and a good editor for when it's time for baby movies...

We also went through and cleaned up Josh's laptop last night so he can continue to remove new photos from his camera - where the majority of our new photos are hanging out right now. So hopefully we can get a bunch of new (old now) photos up on his flickr page and I can share some here with you all... It all takes so much time!

Thats all - hope you have a great weekend!


happygal said...

I so never knew you had a blog! What fun to read.

happygal said...

oh yeah, and happygal would be me, Molly :)

jody said...

geez louise...would it kill ya to give us an update? even a short one? how you are feelin? physically or mentally? when you think it might happen? come on! we're dying over here! Oh, and wishing you a safe and easy delivery ;-)

and, waiting for the pictures!