Friday, January 11, 2008

Well here we are FRIDAY! Oh how I love thee!! It seemed as though it would never be our time - but alas - we are here... I CANNOT tell you all how happy I am that this week is over. I have a feeling that this will only continue as I become larger and larger and more uncomfortable. I sure wish I could take it down to like 3 days a week. Or do like 5 hours days... Oh well - in a couple of months - I will have 3 WHOLE MONTHS OFF! Which will be awesome.

Not much to report here - we are heading to Lusten this weekend to surprise Josh's Dad for his 60th Birthday. His parent's have owned this beautiful cabin on Lake Superior for about 3 years now - and this will be the first time that everyone is able to make it at the same time! All 3 of the kids and their Sig-O's at once! It will be nice - but since we have to wait for his little sister and her boyfriend to fly in at 8:00pm we won't even get there until Midnight! Oh well - it's all in the name of family!

Last night Josh brought home the HD Camera from work so we made a little movie - go check it out!

Baby Room Video

It's going to be great to have access to such a nice camera and a good editor for when it's time for baby movies...

We also went through and cleaned up Josh's laptop last night so he can continue to remove new photos from his camera - where the majority of our new photos are hanging out right now. So hopefully we can get a bunch of new (old now) photos up on his flickr page and I can share some here with you all... It all takes so much time!

Thats all - hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, January 04, 2008

30 Weeks down....

So I hope your Holiday was as relaxing as mine! Although I am sure it was not since I have the - "I am pregnant and can you get that for me" excuse. We had a lovely morning with the Thacker's and both Josh and I received a TON of great gifts. We now have a new - spare bed for guests. It is AWESOME! And much smaller than the one we had been using. We figured it would be great with the new baby and hopefully more visits from Grandma - or as she is asking us to call her - Nana Banana. Josh also has begun to collect a small booty of professional camera equipment which will come in handy if he ever looses his job as an editor/director as he will at least have something to fall back on. Also our baby will have nothing but quality photos complete with key lights and backfill. He also received this Bosch Screwdriver from my Mom that has not been put down since. But since it came complete with a holster - there really is no need to. He has started to actually call out to it when it was mistakenly left somewhere and not put back into it's holster - "Bosch? Booooosch - where are you". I don't have the heart to tell him that it can't hear him. They have become quite close those two... Not much more to report on the Holiday - ate a lot, watched Josh try to beat my Brother's Guitar Hero 3 game, saw a couple of lame ass movies, and just relaxed. It was very nice....

This week has been rough as far as getting back into the routine of work and sleeping during appropriate hours. I want to fall asleep at like 2 or so and sleep in to 11am - but since I have to work it's been rough. And to top it off - I somehow contracted another cold which for a pregnant lady is pure torture. No relief from Ny-Quill or other types of drugs. I just have to flush it out with lots of fluids and tons of cookies. Cookies? Yes. Cookies. For some reason - I have this need for cookies. And not just ANY cookie - these delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies from Lunds. They come in a pack of six and they are gone in as many days. I try to restrict it to 1 a day. 22 seconds in the mic with a glass of milk and I am suddenly transported to the bar - taking 4 shots and smoking out on the heated patio. It's awesome. It's my little slice of heaven - 1 cookie at a time...

I had another ultrasound on Monday to check and make sure the slight placenta previa I had went away - and good news - it has! They say there should be at least 2 inches from your placenta to your cervix and mine had actually moved 6 inches away which is totally great. There are no issues now - aside from Third Trimestery stuff. But nothing that will compromise the rest of this pregnancy. While getting the ultrasound - the technician also double checked the gender just to put me at ease about all the clothes I bought - and yes -it's still a girl! We also got a super cool 3-D scan of her little baby face... It's pretty unreal that you can get this kind of an image these days - check her out! Josh is happy that she has my chin - and I am pretty sure she has his hairline! It's totally crazy!

Here are a few photos of the Nursery that is coming together - so close! We had wanted to do a dark brown stripe all around the room - but I got antsy and wanted to get everything in there but we may do that still.... Other than that - all the pieces are there - we just need a little bean to show up!

Here is a shot of the new shelves that Josh put up - totally pro - totally Bosching his face off in the process -

And this is a shot of the cute baby bedding all put in with the new mobile...

And this is a shot of the tall bookshelf and all the fun toys that have been collected so far:

And finally - the shot of the closet that Josh put in. I got to customize it to be exactly what I wanted. I still have room for more clothes!!

Have a great weekend!