Monday, December 10, 2007

My Kid Better Have SWEET Hair...

Is it just me - or is being pregnant like tasting the food you ate for dinner all the next day? I can't even believe the amount of Acid reflux/ Heart Burn I have had with this baby. It's like everyday. And it's NOT cool. They say - if you have lot's of reflux/ heartburn - that means your baby will have lot's of hair! All I am saying - is it better be worth it - I want like TONS of hair on that head preferably wavy luxurious locks that are already tied back with a bow... If I have one complaint - it's the reflux. But since I am pregnant - I can have as any complaints as I want....

SO -- like WOW - the lower back pain! I can't even believe they let you have a baby and drive! I am kidding of course - But I am amazed at what back pain is now - versus when I was not pregnant. See - I am a "doer" by nature and right now at the Thacker-Stavig Household - there is PLENTY to do. We are STILL finishing the basement remodel. We still need to move all of the office stuff to the basement along with all the basement stuff.... We still have to paint the baby room AND assemble all the furniture. (We did pick up the crib and dresser this weekend so CHECK!) And once everything is assembled - I have to put all the cute little baby things in their baby spots... But this weekend while Josh was busy painting away in his office - I thought I could just run a few of the items that need to be moved downstairs from his old office to their new home. BIG MISTAKE. There are no "little" jobs anymore. They are all too hard. In the process I am thinking - Sweet! Looks at how much I have brought down here! Oh - this box is a LITTLE heavy - but I am totally rocking! I can't stop now! This G4 processor? I GOT it! This BOX OF RECORDS - no problem! No problem of course until I stop. For more than 10 minutes. And then all of a sudden I can't move a leg. Like I am standing there - wanting to move it - But I can't. Because I am afraid if I do - I will fall over. I kinda feel like a baby learning to walk. And then the rest of the night feeling like an 80 year old needing a "warm up" to make it down the stairs. NO GOOD. I guess I am done being a "doer" for a few more months. Honestly - If I could just take off the belly for a couple of hours a day - I could be so much more productive! Oh well - I should enjoy it while I can as I am sure I will have plenty to do once the baby is here and NO excuses!

On a side note - I am ALMOST done with the Christmas shopping.... I was WAY ahead of schedule this year thanks to I love that site. It's a beautiful thing NOT to have to face the crowds. I think Christmas this year is going to be interesting... We are doing a "dry run" in preparation for next year with a baby - and trying to split our time up with 2 families is tough. We have a pretty tight schedule - The Eve of Christmas Eve is spent with Josh's family and another family - they pick a theme and cook and decorate to match. Last year it was New Orleans.... Then we will be spending Christmas Eve Morning with Josh's family - opening gifts and having brunch. THEN we pack everything up - go home - drop off gifts - Pick up dogs and gifts and head out for good ol' South Dakota where we have Christmas Eve dinner with my Dad's side of the family. This may be the last Christmas with his family as everyone's kids are having kids and the Grandparents may move out of the big house and into a town-home with less room. So it could be kinda sad... THEN! We will wake up at my Mom's and have Christmas morning stockings and Christmas dinner with her side of the family. I am sure we will be WAY over Christmas by then, but it's the only way to make everyone happy... I can't imagine what all of this will be like with a 9 month old baby in tow!

I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and then she will schedule my THIRD TRIMESTER ultrasound. Crazy to hear that - THIRD TRIMESTER. So hopefully next week I will have an updated picture of the Skeen Bean. But until then - here is one from 18 weeks... Doesn't she have the cutest nose EVER??

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jody said...

Abby! You are NOT supposed to be LIFTING heavy things. Got it?

Cute baby :-) Can't wait to meet her!