Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holy Crap - only 13 weeks to go!

SO it's official. I am in the THIRD TRIMESTER! It's hard to believe it has gone by so fast... And I now only have the FINAL TRIMESTER to finish this whole thing. I am not ready! I still have SO MUCH to get done. I still don't have a baby room, I still don't have a basement, and I still don't have a pediatrician! Okay - so maybe I can still get it all done - but it's so hard to think about ANYTHING ELSE!

I think about all the stuff I need to do and all I can do is write up a list! I have a list for EVERYTHING. A list for stuff that needs to be done in every room of our house - including a "sub" list of paint touch ups needed, a list for what I will want to make for dinner next week, a list of addresses that I will need to send out announcements and such, a list for what needs to be purchased for baby, a baby room needs to be done list, a CHRISTMAS shopping list, and a list of stuff I need to remember like brushing my teeth because my baby brain has rendered me USELESS! WHEW! But I write lists cause I can't do. It's my way of doing stuff. I guess I think if I put it in a list form - it will somehow get done. But really the only way anything is going to get done in this house is if I stand next to Josh and say - "Hey - you need to put this here - NO HERE - and this needs to go over there - and can you grab this thing and put it over here and paint this and build this.." It's exhausting really. But he has been a tremendous sport about all of it. He has worked super hard every weekend and at nights trying to get rooms painted and stuff built. We make a good team - I motivate and he does the stuff. It's much easier when I can help however so I am looking forward to being able to do that again soon...

SO I had a Doctor's appointment yesterday where they checked me for Gestational Diabetes and made me drink a syrup orange drink and then checked my blood an hour later. I was negative! No Diabetty for me! SO that was good news. I also measured right at 27 weeks so that is also good. I gained 5 lbs since my last appointment for a grand total of 11 lbs gained. I better get used to that - apparently I will be gaining like tons every week from here out. I already feel whalish - I can't wait to see me attempt to get off of the couch in a month! Still feeling good aside from heartburn and overall largish body mass. I have officially started waddling - Josh even confirmed this. It's okay though - a least I don't have stretch marks yet. But once they come - everything will be waaaaayyy less sweet. I need to get a photo shoot in before I get too big and hate the way I look. Maybe this weekend!

SO - yay for me - 3 months to go!

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