Friday, April 13, 2007

Wow - I kinda forgot that I have a blog! Whoops! Josh has just decided that he wants to be a blogger now too - so I figure at least he will be reading this so it may be worth up dating now!

Let's see here - what's new... Hmmm...

Well for starters - Andrea and Amanda moved home to Iowa. It was terribly heartbreaking to see them go - especially cause they took that baby of Amanda's too... I miss them all SO MUCH! It's not the same - although I do see them often enough. I am going down there tonight after work to visit and 2 weeks ago they were up here. It's nice when they are here because we make sure and see as many people as we can - so it's a good excuse for me to get out and party like a going away party all weekend.

Here are some photos of how big Cella is and ADORABLE this little muffin is!

We are also getting ready to start some home renovations! We have a line of credit through the bank and we plan to give our crazy little house a nice makeover. I can't wait! My friend Cameron is a carpenter and is going to help us with the majority of it - but there are a few things that we will need to hire specialized dudes for. Like the roof - that is at a 90 degree angle - ALMOST. Scary. I could not be responsible for killing Cameron. I know his wife and she is expecting thier first child - so no.

Here is our wish list:

- A new tile shower in the main bathroom
- New railings inside the house
- Tear out wierd 2nd kitchen in basement and make into an office nook
- Tear out cabinets and make laundry room bigger
- new carpeting in basement and stairs to basement
- Paint the exterior of house and garage (thank GOD my Dad's a painter!)
- New Roof
- New gutters on house and garage
- Fix 2nd story deck that is falling off and add a new one off of back door that will connect to the top deck
- Landscape front and back yard
- New fence (I am thinking this may not be an option, but I would LOVE one)

I think thats all... hahaha. But after all is said and done, the improvements will hopefully add enough value to our house that when we refinance in 6-8 months - our payments won't really change. Thats the coolest part about owning a house. You can use the equity to make it better and then it's paid for! Most of the things we want to do are things that we will be helping with too - like the landscaping. I made a "plan" out of construction paper that I will have to post later... I want to help with that a lot.

I will be taking before and after photos and hopefully it's impressive!

Have a great weekend!