Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Okay - so NOW it's official...

Apparently I had my info wrong and THIS week (tomorrow) is technically the first day of my last trimester... So 12 weeks to go. I can do this! After this last weekend we got a ton of work done around the house so I am feeling MUCH better about being ready for this kid to come!

We had a fun filled weekend of party party and more party - with a dash of party thrown in. Seriously so many parties. First - the Periscope Holiday party at the Metropolitan Ballroom. Very swanky - great food 3 free drink tickets each, which means Josh totally hit the alcoholic lottery and some super sweet people watching out on the dance floor. We didn't stay very long - since I am pregnant and I can't hate ALL my coworkers based on how lame they all are when drinking. And then we headed over to a friend's house for a KEG PARTY. It was nice to see all of our friends since we don't get out too much these days. We may have been overdressed - but that would not stop me from partyin' with the ferrets!

Here are a few photos my friend Nate took:

Me at 27 weeks!

And here is Josh and I with good friends Kolby and Jess

THEN we had the lovely? Fischer Edit holiday party... It was a little different this year as we didn't get the fancy gourmet meal and live music - instead we got a over-staffed volunteer experience and a bowling alley. We were asked to volunteer for an organization that provides gifts to families that cannot afford them. The only drawback was that of the 30 of us that showed up from Fischer - only 3 of us REALLY needed to be there. There was quite a bit of "downtime" and we kinda felt as if it was an experience that was not for those that were looking to make a difference. Oh well. THEN we went to the Park Tavern Bowling Alley where everyone was celebrating a 12th birthday! So it kinda felt like we were in a time warp except with beer and people you work with. Only I didn't even have the beer to comfort me. We didn't stay long - and by the time we left that party and were headed home - I was ready to not see people for a day. Sometimes being pregnant is REAAALLLY taxing - not only on your body - but on your nerves as well. After the Hollidazzle Party on Thursday, the Periscope Party on Friday and the Fischer party on Saturday - I honestly didn't think I would ever want to talk about being pregnant again. EVERYONE wants to know - "how are you feeling" "When are you due" "Can you feel it" "Are you excited"... and believe me - I LIKE that people want to know - but in the quantity that I dealt with - I was OVER it! I wish I could have taken off the belly for the night and just hung out. Now it's been a few days with no fussing and so I am back to being in love with my belly. But man! I hope I am not the only one that gets a little overwhelmed by the attention of being pregnant.

One good thing that came out of the weekend was the progress on the baby room! We finally removed all of Josh's office stuff and he was able to paint the whole room AND put together the crib and the dresser. I am so happy to finally have a place for the stuff. It's coming together - but there is still lots to do. Now is the fun part! Here are some photos - they are a little dark - but you get the idea... More to come!

My hard-working Honey

Cool Dresser

The Baby Room
Oh - AND - after fretting about baby shower stuff - wondering how to approach friends with it and whatnot - a dear friend from my past Catherine has stepped up and offered to throw one for me! I could not be more relieved! She is such a sweetheart and I know it will be incredible! She wants the theme to be Mock-tails and fun appetizers - like Buns in the oven - get it??? I love it! So that is now off of my worry plate - WHEW!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holy Crap - only 13 weeks to go!

SO it's official. I am in the THIRD TRIMESTER! It's hard to believe it has gone by so fast... And I now only have the FINAL TRIMESTER to finish this whole thing. I am not ready! I still have SO MUCH to get done. I still don't have a baby room, I still don't have a basement, and I still don't have a pediatrician! Okay - so maybe I can still get it all done - but it's so hard to think about ANYTHING ELSE!

I think about all the stuff I need to do and all I can do is write up a list! I have a list for EVERYTHING. A list for stuff that needs to be done in every room of our house - including a "sub" list of paint touch ups needed, a list for what I will want to make for dinner next week, a list of addresses that I will need to send out announcements and such, a list for what needs to be purchased for baby, a baby room needs to be done list, a CHRISTMAS shopping list, and a list of stuff I need to remember like brushing my teeth because my baby brain has rendered me USELESS! WHEW! But I write lists cause I can't do. It's my way of doing stuff. I guess I think if I put it in a list form - it will somehow get done. But really the only way anything is going to get done in this house is if I stand next to Josh and say - "Hey - you need to put this here - NO HERE - and this needs to go over there - and can you grab this thing and put it over here and paint this and build this.." It's exhausting really. But he has been a tremendous sport about all of it. He has worked super hard every weekend and at nights trying to get rooms painted and stuff built. We make a good team - I motivate and he does the stuff. It's much easier when I can help however so I am looking forward to being able to do that again soon...

SO I had a Doctor's appointment yesterday where they checked me for Gestational Diabetes and made me drink a syrup orange drink and then checked my blood an hour later. I was negative! No Diabetty for me! SO that was good news. I also measured right at 27 weeks so that is also good. I gained 5 lbs since my last appointment for a grand total of 11 lbs gained. I better get used to that - apparently I will be gaining like tons every week from here out. I already feel whalish - I can't wait to see me attempt to get off of the couch in a month! Still feeling good aside from heartburn and overall largish body mass. I have officially started waddling - Josh even confirmed this. It's okay though - a least I don't have stretch marks yet. But once they come - everything will be waaaaayyy less sweet. I need to get a photo shoot in before I get too big and hate the way I look. Maybe this weekend!

SO - yay for me - 3 months to go!

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Kid Better Have SWEET Hair...

Is it just me - or is being pregnant like tasting the food you ate for dinner all the next day? I can't even believe the amount of Acid reflux/ Heart Burn I have had with this baby. It's like everyday. And it's NOT cool. They say - if you have lot's of reflux/ heartburn - that means your baby will have lot's of hair! All I am saying - is it better be worth it - I want like TONS of hair on that head preferably wavy luxurious locks that are already tied back with a bow... If I have one complaint - it's the reflux. But since I am pregnant - I can have as any complaints as I want....

SO -- like WOW - the lower back pain! I can't even believe they let you have a baby and drive! I am kidding of course - But I am amazed at what back pain is now - versus when I was not pregnant. See - I am a "doer" by nature and right now at the Thacker-Stavig Household - there is PLENTY to do. We are STILL finishing the basement remodel. We still need to move all of the office stuff to the basement along with all the basement stuff.... We still have to paint the baby room AND assemble all the furniture. (We did pick up the crib and dresser this weekend so CHECK!) And once everything is assembled - I have to put all the cute little baby things in their baby spots... But this weekend while Josh was busy painting away in his office - I thought I could just run a few of the items that need to be moved downstairs from his old office to their new home. BIG MISTAKE. There are no "little" jobs anymore. They are all too hard. In the process I am thinking - Sweet! Looks at how much I have brought down here! Oh - this box is a LITTLE heavy - but I am totally rocking! I can't stop now! This G4 processor? I GOT it! This BOX OF RECORDS - no problem! No problem of course until I stop. For more than 10 minutes. And then all of a sudden I can't move a leg. Like I am standing there - wanting to move it - But I can't. Because I am afraid if I do - I will fall over. I kinda feel like a baby learning to walk. And then the rest of the night feeling like an 80 year old needing a "warm up" to make it down the stairs. NO GOOD. I guess I am done being a "doer" for a few more months. Honestly - If I could just take off the belly for a couple of hours a day - I could be so much more productive! Oh well - I should enjoy it while I can as I am sure I will have plenty to do once the baby is here and NO excuses!

On a side note - I am ALMOST done with the Christmas shopping.... I was WAY ahead of schedule this year thanks to I love that site. It's a beautiful thing NOT to have to face the crowds. I think Christmas this year is going to be interesting... We are doing a "dry run" in preparation for next year with a baby - and trying to split our time up with 2 families is tough. We have a pretty tight schedule - The Eve of Christmas Eve is spent with Josh's family and another family - they pick a theme and cook and decorate to match. Last year it was New Orleans.... Then we will be spending Christmas Eve Morning with Josh's family - opening gifts and having brunch. THEN we pack everything up - go home - drop off gifts - Pick up dogs and gifts and head out for good ol' South Dakota where we have Christmas Eve dinner with my Dad's side of the family. This may be the last Christmas with his family as everyone's kids are having kids and the Grandparents may move out of the big house and into a town-home with less room. So it could be kinda sad... THEN! We will wake up at my Mom's and have Christmas morning stockings and Christmas dinner with her side of the family. I am sure we will be WAY over Christmas by then, but it's the only way to make everyone happy... I can't imagine what all of this will be like with a 9 month old baby in tow!

I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and then she will schedule my THIRD TRIMESTER ultrasound. Crazy to hear that - THIRD TRIMESTER. So hopefully next week I will have an updated picture of the Skeen Bean. But until then - here is one from 18 weeks... Doesn't she have the cutest nose EVER??

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A serious gap in time?

WOW - I just realized that I read like 75 bogs (okay NOT 75) daily and I have not even bothered to update my own in years. LAME. Also - since I have real official news that I should have told you about like 6 months ago I figured I should update already... So for everyone or anyone who actually reads this - and then of those 3 people - the ones that don't already know this - I am totally 6 months PREGNANT! Yes. I work. Down there. And so does Josh. It's a very relieving feeling since I have gone 28 years without so much as one "whoops" and you start to wonder if it's more than just me being REALLY good at being careful.

So that is the big news in the Thacker-Stavig household right now. And now on the the questions that I have found EVERYONE wants answered since it's totally all of their business anyway....

1. This was not an "accident" - we actually had a conversation that started at the Modest Mouse show with Josh saying "I think I am ready to have babies..." and then of me saying "SERIOUSLY? OKAY!" Cause we all know that I LOVE babies and have been patiently waiting to someday have my own... And playing with dolls at my age is a bit much... We are one of the lucky couples who say - "let's stop trying NOT to get pregnant and see what happens" - and then the next month I am pregnant.. I guess trying NOT to get pregnant works! So much for the fun "trying" part. :)

2. We are NOT getting married at this time. We have always in the back of our minds - well at least mine -known that we would someday - but neither of us have ever been in a big hurry to do so... Josh has a previous bad experience with marriage and since I was in love with this boy - I respected his position and never pushed it. I didn't want to wait forever to have a family cause as you get older - things get more complicated and the next thing you know - you are 35 and can't have babies anymore. I also wanted my Mom to have plenty of Grandma time since I cherish the relationship I have with my Grandma I really wanted that for my babies... My Grandma Judy is still way awesome and totally excited to be a part of this babies life as well and that makes me so happy....

3. The baby's last name will be Thacker - But that is with the assumption that Josh will someday make an honest woman out of me and that will be my last name at some point too... That way there is no confusion later. Although it does make me sad to think that I will leave the hospital with a bundle of joy that has a different last name than me - in the end - it makes the most sense....

4. It's a GIRL! I know I know. I already have a closet full of the most adorable outfits EVER. She will be spoiled.

5. I am due March 13th...

6. We think we are going to name her Elliot. Of course this will all depend on if her faces matched that name... And if she comes out with something going on down there - the name will still work!

We are working hard on getting ready for her arrival by redoing the basement so we have another bedroom. Josh's current office will be her room once it's cleared out. I am officially in nesting mode and am absolutely insane. I think once I have a room I will calm down - but until then, I am a nervous wreak completely sure that this baby will be coming 2 months too soon and there is NO WAY I will have it all done. I am about 1 - 2 weeks out from having a room finally - but it's not soon enough if you ask me. Or if you ask Josh. Or anyone who knows me.

I am totally belly bumping right now - which is exciting because it makes it real. I can feel her kick all the time - and though at first it was a little weird - now I love knowing she is alive and kicking. This pregnancy has been a breeze as far as the side effects go. I had no morning sickness and only the major fatigue. I am loving the second trimester energy and aside from the gross acid reflux - I am having fun being pregnant. I hope that doesn't mean that my delivery will make up for all the "easy" months of growing her... God - let's not go there quite yet. I am totally freaked at the prospect of birthing something as simple as a giant shit - let alone a HUMAN BEING...

Check out the belly photo from 21 weeks - I am 24 now so much more gigantic....


All in all - Josh and I could not be more excited about this new adventure. We have lot's of preparing to do but once she's here - it will all be worth it. I still can't believe I am going to be responsible for another human! Especially considering I learned how to beer bong JUST THIS YEAR! I can't wait to teach her!

For photos on the home improvement go to Josh's Flickr Page - Or mine

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wow - I kinda forgot that I have a blog! Whoops! Josh has just decided that he wants to be a blogger now too - so I figure at least he will be reading this so it may be worth up dating now!

Let's see here - what's new... Hmmm...

Well for starters - Andrea and Amanda moved home to Iowa. It was terribly heartbreaking to see them go - especially cause they took that baby of Amanda's too... I miss them all SO MUCH! It's not the same - although I do see them often enough. I am going down there tonight after work to visit and 2 weeks ago they were up here. It's nice when they are here because we make sure and see as many people as we can - so it's a good excuse for me to get out and party like a going away party all weekend.

Here are some photos of how big Cella is and ADORABLE this little muffin is!

We are also getting ready to start some home renovations! We have a line of credit through the bank and we plan to give our crazy little house a nice makeover. I can't wait! My friend Cameron is a carpenter and is going to help us with the majority of it - but there are a few things that we will need to hire specialized dudes for. Like the roof - that is at a 90 degree angle - ALMOST. Scary. I could not be responsible for killing Cameron. I know his wife and she is expecting thier first child - so no.

Here is our wish list:

- A new tile shower in the main bathroom
- New railings inside the house
- Tear out wierd 2nd kitchen in basement and make into an office nook
- Tear out cabinets and make laundry room bigger
- new carpeting in basement and stairs to basement
- Paint the exterior of house and garage (thank GOD my Dad's a painter!)
- New Roof
- New gutters on house and garage
- Fix 2nd story deck that is falling off and add a new one off of back door that will connect to the top deck
- Landscape front and back yard
- New fence (I am thinking this may not be an option, but I would LOVE one)

I think thats all... hahaha. But after all is said and done, the improvements will hopefully add enough value to our house that when we refinance in 6-8 months - our payments won't really change. Thats the coolest part about owning a house. You can use the equity to make it better and then it's paid for! Most of the things we want to do are things that we will be helping with too - like the landscaping. I made a "plan" out of construction paper that I will have to post later... I want to help with that a lot.

I will be taking before and after photos and hopefully it's impressive!

Have a great weekend!