Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And Now November?

So another month - come and gone. I can't keep up! Although I am totally excited about tonight - we are getting our Christmas Tree! I can't wait....

Let's re-cap cause once again - lots of things have happened, but let's just go over it one item at a time...

I was on another work trip/vacation:) outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming shooting Arctic Cat snowmobiles. It was the most unbelievable scenery ever. I would LOVE to go back either with friends or in the Spring/ Summer. They have Dog Sled Packages, Snowmobiling, Ski/snowboarding on Mountains and of course drinking at the Red Fox Saloon - and that is only in the Winter! We stayed at the Togwotee Moutain Lodge - which is about 45 minutes from Jackson Hole and equally as far from any type of civilization. We were basically in the middle of nowhere in some moutains. There was a bar, a restaurant, and a Gift Shop/ Gas Station. And so if you wanted to eat - you needed to eat off the menu of 10 choices, 8 of which were meat items, so for me - I only had like 2 options and so for the 13 meals I was forced to eat there - chicken fingers and pasta were it. Needless to say - I was so excited to eat other food when I got back!

When we arrived I was given my very own snowmobile to use for the extent of my trip - I was so fucken scared. I tried and pleaded and begged them NOT to give me my own sled. I have been known to be "removed" from go-kart tracks based on my crazy driving skills and anyone who has ever driven in a car with me knows that I like to take risks... BUT this machine runs on a track! There is no need to take risks on this thing cause the minute you get on - you are taking a risk.... Anyway - Quan insisted I get my own and I that I would be just fine. So I did ---- and I LOVED IT!!! Snowmobiling was an absolute blast. I was very careful around the corners in the trails that had the 100 feet drop offs and I pushed it a little when the trails were more open. I never got stuck OR fell off! I was sure that I would be one of "those" stories - you know the ones that end in - well I had no choice but to jump off and let it go! So I was very proud of myself...

And of course the Red Fox Saloon - full of employees and Arctic Cat people.... I ended up in a conversation with one of the Pro drivers - that I shouldn't have been in on and somehow I was talked into making a crotched penis cover with a tassel for shaking.... Of course I made it!

The rest was great; the view even better; and the work we did - short of amazing!

BUT the trip home was enough to ruin the whole experience. We left to go to the Jackson Hole Airport at 2:00pm on a Friday and I FINALLY got home at 2:30 pm on SATURDAY. I could have driven home. But I didn't. I flew. Only - my flight from Jackson Hole to Denver was a little late - and so when we arrived in Denver we had 5 minutes before our flight to Minneapolis took off. I should have known to not even try and get there - but of course I was sure they would wait! So I ran - ran up stairs, down escalators, into trams, and through the airport... Only to see my plane - sitting there at the terminal not leaving for another 10 minutes and I was NOT allowed to get on. I waited and stomped my feet and got angry and even cried a little, but nothing worked. I had to go over the the Customer Service desk where they tell me I am confirmed for the 10 am flight the NEXT DAY! I was pissed, tired, and over stimulated - what with the running and all. They paid for us to sleep in a gross Hotel. They gave me a handicap room that smelled like whatever was in here before me had died here. I had no Bag, no clothes, no makeup, no toothbrush. I was so mad. BUT - I got home finally and hung out on my couch until I fell asleep.


Now that I finished writing all of that - I can't remember anything else that I have done.... I guess none of it was that important.... Oh well!

Have a lovey Day!