Friday, November 03, 2006

WOW. October is gone?

I am having a hard time believing we are really into November. So many things have happened in the last month that it seems like it was forever ago - but then again I think about it and it feels like I missed September for some reason.
SO in the last month I have become an "Auntie" and by Auntie I mean a friend of a person who had a baby, but have no actual family relations with said child. I however love that little girl like she was family and therefore I will be called Auntie.

This was later in the day after she was born....

These are a from a couple of weeks ago....

She is just an angel. I can't even begin to talk about how amazing it is being a part of her life and just watching Amanda turn into such a wonderful person in the process. Motherhood suits her perfectly and she has just been an inspiration. Marcella Grace was finally born on Oct. 1st at 5:00 in the morning. I got to be in the room to take photos and push on Amanda's back when she started to push. It was insane! I have seen the photos, watched the videos, but JESUS CHRIST. She pushed a freakin' kid out of that! WOW. I get bladder infections and bitch about have to push a stream of pee outta that!! And Heavy flow tampons? FORGET IT! She was amazing. I have been spending tons of time with them - the Boyer girls and the baby and just kinda laying low.

A few other things that I feel the need to discuss:

* I have become obsessed with Pizza Hoagies from Davanis. I swear to god - I have eaten at least 20 of them in the last 2 months. GOTTA stop that.
--- Which brings me to the next thing....

* I ordered Yoga Booty Ballet. Yes. I bought into the idea that a DVD with Yoga and dance moves can make me a more powerful woman. I wish it came with an inspiration boost so that I would actually put it in the DVD player and use it. For some reason I think that if I buy a workout video it will automatically make me skinny. Or at the very least be so exciting that I can't wait to try it out. The commercial made me think I would, but of course - I have not. It is on the resolution list for next year FOR SURE!

* I went to Toronto -nothing much to report there - got drunk with dudes I work with and worked. I did go see Adam Porterfield's band Small Sails. It was the most wonderful coincidence ever! Their band was on tour and I just happened to be in Toronto the same night they were in town! It was great to see some friendly faces....I also got to go to a Leafs Game courtesy of the Production Company - ie.- GREAT SEATS!

* I got to decorate my house for the first time for Halloween. I know it sounds lame - but I was looking forward to having pumpkins out on my very own stoop since like May. And with Christmas right around the corner - WATCH OUT! I smell a fire.... Meaning, there is a good chance I will start one with the amount of lights I put up...

* Josh and I rocked out the Halloween party scene by going to 3 Parties in one night! We went as The Extreme Home Makeover team Paige Hennis and Ty Pennington. We rocked the costumes.

--- Party #1 - Todd and Andi - Friends from Central Services and other fun people in the Production world.

Here are Scott and Todd

Party #2 - Teresa and Krista - the entire apartment building where they live had a combined party with open doors to every apartment and like 5 kegs. Seriously crazy.

Here are Nick and Jason

Party #3 - Jon's house - A friend of Josh's. No pictures of that one, but I did eat a cupcake that was baked inside an ice cream cone and made to look real - totally cute!

Not much else going on - I did buy a dartboard so I intend on getting way better at that... Oh yeah and doing Yoga Booty Ballet. I swear.