Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So Fall has offically hit. I love it! The trees are turning and the air is crisp! It is truly a great time to live in a 4 Season climate. UNTIL WINTER. But we won't talk about that now will we?

So a few things on the homefront - No baby from Amanda yet, although she claims it may be today. I have heard this claim like 3 days in a row now so I am not getting my hopes up just yet. Check out her blog here - http://www.momandassweetpea.blogspot.com/

We also had to "let go" of the other dog I had aquired. It was becoming VERY apparent that 3 dogs cannot be in the Thacker-Stavig household. When there is only 2 of us - they can start to overthrow the house and we had to try and avoid that. She was so sweet and cute, but the negatives out-wieghed the positives. Here's the list....

1. one extra dog mouth barking when they start the "barking thing" - when they bark at nothing, neighbors, leaves, cats, wind, mailmen, people walking, other dogs, squirrels, grass, air, plants, birds, garbage, etc.

2. 12 Paws to wipe everytime the go outside

3. 3 bowls of food to fill and then the coaxing of said dog to eat any of it EVERY DAY. "Come on Cali. Eat your food. Come on - Eat your food. PLEEEEEEEASE Eat your food. Please. Now. Cali. Eat."

4. MORE dog hair. And for those of you that know me. Whoa.

5. 3 vet visits each year

6. 3 Groomer appointments

7. Trying to find someone to watch 3 dogs when we have somewhere to go. IMPOSSIBLE.

8. Have you ever tired to walk 3 dogs? Bad idea. Bad. Horrible.

9. She had a "crazy" gene. Serious.

1. She and Lena played SO DAMN CUTE together!

2. Her cute face

3. Her cute butt - no seriosuly she had and 80's Prom Hair butt - totally cute!!

4. Giving her a home that she can finally count on since she had been shipped around so much

5. The look on people's faces when I told them I got another dog

6. Her little growl

SO as you can see - the Negatives won and we had to give her back to Quan - who I am sure gave her to the Humane Society, but I won't ask because I really don't need to know... It was kinda sad, but I know it was the right thing to do. Had it been a ferret - I would have kept it, but being that it was a dog and I couldn't hide that from Josh we had to move on...

I am planning another Work trip up to Canada only this time to Toronto. We are shooting a couple of commercials for One Goal Hockey. Sweet. Sports! It should be cool to visit, but I am not really a Hockey lady. But hey - it's a free trip and I could use one right now!

Tomorrow night is a big ol' poker game at the Birdhouse! I am excited to see if my winning streak will continue. I think I have won like 4 in the last 6 or so. I get the luck when we play at my house I am tellin' yah! So if anyone's around and wants in - we are playing at 7:30pm and the buy-in is $10!

So thats that! I hope Amanda has her baby tonight so I can not come into work tomorrow! We have Tuna Tuesday tonight and Andrea is making tacos. Maybe the hot sauce will be just what she needs to jump start the process!!

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