Monday, February 13, 2006

Over the Water Line

So - home improvement is in full swing at the Thacker/ Stavig household. It seems however that every time we make a stride forward - there is something that sets us back a bit. Not always a BIG bit, but enough to make it annoying.
To begin our story....
We ripped out all the old tile and just when we thought it was so great that we did that - we find out that it was asbestos. Okay - I am sure Josh is fine, but still! Not something you want to find out AFTER you have already been breathing it in for three days.
Then - painting. It took THREE coats to make it seem solid. That was a pain in the ass.
Then the toilet removal and then subsequent replacing of. Josh tells me there is a wax ring around the bottom to keep the "gaseous fumes" out. Gross me out. I am sooooo glad I missed that one. No weird story there, except that Josh ended up having to get another one after he misplaced the first one. Trial by error!

THEN - the motherload of nights. So - we are putting in the LAST piece of baseboard around the perimeter with a nail gun. No problems - when all of a sudden I hear what sounds like a gas leak and Josh comes running out of the bathroom with fury in his eyes. I wasn't sure if I should follow because I though he was running from a potential explosion! But it turns out - he hit the water line. HA! Well isn't that just sweet! So there is all this water running out of the wall and we were 1 piece of trim away from being done. We end up cutting the wall open and finding the hole. Thankfully it was behind the sink so no need to re-do anything. We go to Home Depot with our digital camera to show the guy what happened and he pointed us in the right direction. Of course, Home Depot didn't have the right part - so it's off to Menards. We get the stuff and Josh totally plumbs the shit out of the pipes. All is well - I start working on the bathtub. We bought replacement fixtures and a new drain. As I am removing the old drain, by prying it off with a screwdriver, a piece of it flys up into my eye! It hurt so bad I actually went to an eye doctor. I have gel drops and it's getting better thank you very much for asking....

But that's not the end! I try and try to get the bathtub spout on, but after the eye thing and just plain bitch-ass pieces not working right, I quit with the new stuff and just threw the old one back on. But I forgot to "fasten" it tight. So the next day I wake up to take a shower - I turn the water on and the spout literally flies across the bathtub and water is shooting out sideways. SO needless to say. I washed my hair in the sink that morning.

I am so ready to be done "fixing" stuff. It seems I am better at making more things harder than they need to be and I definitely hurt myself more than any normal person should... I am working on it, but I think it's just a safer idea to hire someone else to do it. It's hard.

So - the bathroom looks great - I am very proud of Josh and I of the hard work we put into it. But I am done now. I will post pictures soon and you can all see for yourself that the whole "do it yourself" thing can be rewarding... But also dangerous...

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hoLynn said...

damn guurl!
listen... i could give a shit less about a photo of your bathroom.... just, get on with the house warming party already!! geeeez.