Monday, February 27, 2006

Music Video History....

So Josh and I are working on a Motion City Soundtrack Video - they are a local band that has kind of sprung up from the Roots here in Mpls and is actually making it! They are on tour with one of my favorite bands EVER - Ok Go, so you know they are huge!

Anyway - last week we pulled together a full on Production with 3 locations in 2 days. I wasn't sure it would all work out, but after a 13 hour day and only one item of the band's being stolen - we had all the shots we set out to get. The stealing part kinda sucked - no one knows who did it. I am reluctant to believe is was someone on my crew, but in order to be realistic, I may need to think twice about who I have on my sets. There were a few people I didn't know so that makes me worried.... It was also like a million below zero last Sunday and we spent quite a few hours outdoors, so that sucked. But all in all, after seeing some of the footage - it looks amazing.... Here are a few stills from the set with the band.

Check out their website and buy the re-released record once it's out - this video will be on it!
Motion City Soundtrack

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