Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cause I am....

So I am sups bored at work today and I am not sure how to deal with it. Since starting this job 3 weeks ago, I have barely had time to eat lunch during the day - let alone waste company time on the internets checking other people's Blogs. SO today I have decided to check in with the Online world and post some happenings as of late.
First happening: We moved into our NEW house! WELL - not NEW as in brand new, but new as in I nor Josh has ever lived in it...
Second happening: I tiled a bathroom floor. It sucked, but now it looks sooooooo cool. Sometimes hard work pays off, but I would rather pay someone else for thier hard work next time.
Third Happening: I almost bought a new car! But I didn't.
Fourth Happening: There are robberies in the new hood that have made me very skittish outside. People are being robbed blocks away from the our new house at gunpoint in front of thier homes or in their driveways. Sweet. I love guns - wait - this reminds me of a Hiaku:

I wear a holster
I think I am a cowboy
Guns guns guns guns guns

So anyway - I am considering getting a BB Gun or some other intimidating-looking weapon that I can't kill myself with - any ideas? Maybe I just hire one of my "bigger" friends to hang out a lot?

Fifth Happening: I got to meet Torii Hunter! Not really that cool to me - but lots of people really love that guy. Apparently he plays for the Minnesota Twins - I don't mean like "apparently" as in - it may not be true, but you get it. I am producing a few commercials for the Twins campaign and we had our shoots last week. This is how much I watch baseball - Two very well dressed dudes walk in and I knew ONE of them was Torii Hunter. One was black and the other was white. I didn't know which one he was and I had to consult my Production book to be sure... I am lame.

So thats kinda what I have been up to... working on the new house and moving out of the old one. Sweet huh? BUT - once the house is up and running - Poker in the Anus? Yes. Yes, Indeed.


hoLynn said...

i have a haiku for you:

i'm lookin down on
wayne's basement but that's not wayne's
basement ain't that weird?

Abby Girl said...

Ha ha! You seriously love that movie don't you?

hoLynn said...

yes i do

A. said...

here's my housewarming haiku for you:

your deck is on stilts
is that cool, or is it weird?
stilted decks are COOL!