Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Arctic Cat's and Beer

So this last weekend was - semisweet. I was expecting awesomeness, adventurousness and total memorableness, but it was just.... eh.

We went to Lutsen this last weekend for the Annual Post Production/Advertising Agency/Drunkeness/Ski/Snowboarding weekend that I go to every year - 4 total now. And usually it proves to be a photo-opportunity-around-every-corner kinda weekend, but I swear every year either I get older and more crotchety or the people who come are less and less cool. I am going with the latter because - f that! I am NOT getting to an age where partyin' is lame. I love partyin'! I carry party around in my pocket for christ's sake! But the people who end up going want to go to the stupid bar that is on the resort to hang out with all the yuppie-types who are styaing at the resort too. It's like camp for adults or something. If everyone was into going to the local watering hole to hang out with toothless Mary working the pulltabs booth - THATS another story. I would SO be down for that. VFW! These people were NOT locals. They were just like people in Minneapolis that go to Williams and throw peanuts on the floor. Lamos. Not my kinda party you know? So instead Josh and I rallied a sweet game of "If I roll a _____ I will do _____ ". Roll a pair of dice and fill in the blank. Let's just say the folowing things HAD to be done...

1. I had to wear a plastic grocery bag like a diaper for 1 hour.
2. Josh had to eat a huge pad of butter on a banana
3. Josh also had to brush his teeth with a banana
----- (FYI - Josh is really not into bananas anymore.... )
4. Kelley had to wear her bathing suit on the OUTSIDE of her clothes
5. Nick had to take a sip out of everyone's drink at the table. There were lots of dead soilders that he had to taste.... Ewww..
6. I had to edure 2 bananas being thrown at me ---- we had limited props
7. Nick had to drink tequilla like a dog....

So as you can see - we at least tried to make the weekend fun.... by making ourselves look like idiots. But hey! I got some sweet pictures.....

Anyway - I get back on Sunday night and return to work on Monday - to find out that I am shooting a commercial in Lutsen on TUESDAY NIGHT. Like hell I am driving back up there to stand in the butt-fucking freezing to shoot snowmobiles. So I opted to stay back for "containment" issues. Just trying to save the company money! But we did shoot Tuesday during the day in a studio in town and that was AWESOME! On the 1st shot however, the snowmobile was figuring out where it would end up when it slid onto the set and it slid too far too fast and knocked over a 10K light! It shattered into a million little pieces and scared everyone to death. For those of you that don't know Production - those babies run about $7,000! It was one of those nightmares on set that you never can be ready for - especially since it was the 1st shot. We thought we were f'd for the rest of the day. Thankfully everything went smoothly and our 84 year old actor didn't die. I would say it was a success!

SO - who is coming over to clean my house? It's full of boxes and shit - yes Scott - actual shit. I need it GONE!



schkotty said...

Ha! You have boxes of shit in your house.


hoLynn said...

aha... i knew it!!!!!
you sicko.
hey abbykins, you should make it so non bloggers can say shit too..... just make people do word verification to get rid of spammers... duh!

Abby Girl said...

I do indeed have boxes of shit in my house.... BUT - I do not eat pieces of shit for breakfast - see how that works?

And ho - I changed the setting now so anyone who is anyone can post thier lil' hearts out!

For someone who doesn't have a blog- you sure seem to know a lot about them... Do you have a secret blog somewhere? I bet you do - and you only want people who don't know you to read it. I am going on a serious search to find it. I be back later - see yah.....

hoLynn said...

maybe i do.... maaaaaaaybe i do.