Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And Now November?

So another month - come and gone. I can't keep up! Although I am totally excited about tonight - we are getting our Christmas Tree! I can't wait....

Let's re-cap cause once again - lots of things have happened, but let's just go over it one item at a time...

I was on another work trip/vacation:) outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming shooting Arctic Cat snowmobiles. It was the most unbelievable scenery ever. I would LOVE to go back either with friends or in the Spring/ Summer. They have Dog Sled Packages, Snowmobiling, Ski/snowboarding on Mountains and of course drinking at the Red Fox Saloon - and that is only in the Winter! We stayed at the Togwotee Moutain Lodge - which is about 45 minutes from Jackson Hole and equally as far from any type of civilization. We were basically in the middle of nowhere in some moutains. There was a bar, a restaurant, and a Gift Shop/ Gas Station. And so if you wanted to eat - you needed to eat off the menu of 10 choices, 8 of which were meat items, so for me - I only had like 2 options and so for the 13 meals I was forced to eat there - chicken fingers and pasta were it. Needless to say - I was so excited to eat other food when I got back!

When we arrived I was given my very own snowmobile to use for the extent of my trip - I was so fucken scared. I tried and pleaded and begged them NOT to give me my own sled. I have been known to be "removed" from go-kart tracks based on my crazy driving skills and anyone who has ever driven in a car with me knows that I like to take risks... BUT this machine runs on a track! There is no need to take risks on this thing cause the minute you get on - you are taking a risk.... Anyway - Quan insisted I get my own and I that I would be just fine. So I did ---- and I LOVED IT!!! Snowmobiling was an absolute blast. I was very careful around the corners in the trails that had the 100 feet drop offs and I pushed it a little when the trails were more open. I never got stuck OR fell off! I was sure that I would be one of "those" stories - you know the ones that end in - well I had no choice but to jump off and let it go! So I was very proud of myself...

And of course the Red Fox Saloon - full of employees and Arctic Cat people.... I ended up in a conversation with one of the Pro drivers - that I shouldn't have been in on and somehow I was talked into making a crotched penis cover with a tassel for shaking.... Of course I made it!

The rest was great; the view even better; and the work we did - short of amazing!

BUT the trip home was enough to ruin the whole experience. We left to go to the Jackson Hole Airport at 2:00pm on a Friday and I FINALLY got home at 2:30 pm on SATURDAY. I could have driven home. But I didn't. I flew. Only - my flight from Jackson Hole to Denver was a little late - and so when we arrived in Denver we had 5 minutes before our flight to Minneapolis took off. I should have known to not even try and get there - but of course I was sure they would wait! So I ran - ran up stairs, down escalators, into trams, and through the airport... Only to see my plane - sitting there at the terminal not leaving for another 10 minutes and I was NOT allowed to get on. I waited and stomped my feet and got angry and even cried a little, but nothing worked. I had to go over the the Customer Service desk where they tell me I am confirmed for the 10 am flight the NEXT DAY! I was pissed, tired, and over stimulated - what with the running and all. They paid for us to sleep in a gross Hotel. They gave me a handicap room that smelled like whatever was in here before me had died here. I had no Bag, no clothes, no makeup, no toothbrush. I was so mad. BUT - I got home finally and hung out on my couch until I fell asleep.


Now that I finished writing all of that - I can't remember anything else that I have done.... I guess none of it was that important.... Oh well!

Have a lovey Day!

Friday, November 03, 2006

WOW. October is gone?

I am having a hard time believing we are really into November. So many things have happened in the last month that it seems like it was forever ago - but then again I think about it and it feels like I missed September for some reason.
SO in the last month I have become an "Auntie" and by Auntie I mean a friend of a person who had a baby, but have no actual family relations with said child. I however love that little girl like she was family and therefore I will be called Auntie.

This was later in the day after she was born....

These are a from a couple of weeks ago....

She is just an angel. I can't even begin to talk about how amazing it is being a part of her life and just watching Amanda turn into such a wonderful person in the process. Motherhood suits her perfectly and she has just been an inspiration. Marcella Grace was finally born on Oct. 1st at 5:00 in the morning. I got to be in the room to take photos and push on Amanda's back when she started to push. It was insane! I have seen the photos, watched the videos, but JESUS CHRIST. She pushed a freakin' kid out of that! WOW. I get bladder infections and bitch about have to push a stream of pee outta that!! And Heavy flow tampons? FORGET IT! She was amazing. I have been spending tons of time with them - the Boyer girls and the baby and just kinda laying low.

A few other things that I feel the need to discuss:

* I have become obsessed with Pizza Hoagies from Davanis. I swear to god - I have eaten at least 20 of them in the last 2 months. GOTTA stop that.
--- Which brings me to the next thing....

* I ordered Yoga Booty Ballet. Yes. I bought into the idea that a DVD with Yoga and dance moves can make me a more powerful woman. I wish it came with an inspiration boost so that I would actually put it in the DVD player and use it. For some reason I think that if I buy a workout video it will automatically make me skinny. Or at the very least be so exciting that I can't wait to try it out. The commercial made me think I would, but of course - I have not. It is on the resolution list for next year FOR SURE!

* I went to Toronto -nothing much to report there - got drunk with dudes I work with and worked. I did go see Adam Porterfield's band Small Sails. It was the most wonderful coincidence ever! Their band was on tour and I just happened to be in Toronto the same night they were in town! It was great to see some friendly faces....I also got to go to a Leafs Game courtesy of the Production Company - ie.- GREAT SEATS!

* I got to decorate my house for the first time for Halloween. I know it sounds lame - but I was looking forward to having pumpkins out on my very own stoop since like May. And with Christmas right around the corner - WATCH OUT! I smell a fire.... Meaning, there is a good chance I will start one with the amount of lights I put up...

* Josh and I rocked out the Halloween party scene by going to 3 Parties in one night! We went as The Extreme Home Makeover team Paige Hennis and Ty Pennington. We rocked the costumes.

--- Party #1 - Todd and Andi - Friends from Central Services and other fun people in the Production world.

Here are Scott and Todd

Party #2 - Teresa and Krista - the entire apartment building where they live had a combined party with open doors to every apartment and like 5 kegs. Seriously crazy.

Here are Nick and Jason

Party #3 - Jon's house - A friend of Josh's. No pictures of that one, but I did eat a cupcake that was baked inside an ice cream cone and made to look real - totally cute!

Not much else going on - I did buy a dartboard so I intend on getting way better at that... Oh yeah and doing Yoga Booty Ballet. I swear.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So Fall has offically hit. I love it! The trees are turning and the air is crisp! It is truly a great time to live in a 4 Season climate. UNTIL WINTER. But we won't talk about that now will we?

So a few things on the homefront - No baby from Amanda yet, although she claims it may be today. I have heard this claim like 3 days in a row now so I am not getting my hopes up just yet. Check out her blog here - http://www.momandassweetpea.blogspot.com/

We also had to "let go" of the other dog I had aquired. It was becoming VERY apparent that 3 dogs cannot be in the Thacker-Stavig household. When there is only 2 of us - they can start to overthrow the house and we had to try and avoid that. She was so sweet and cute, but the negatives out-wieghed the positives. Here's the list....

1. one extra dog mouth barking when they start the "barking thing" - when they bark at nothing, neighbors, leaves, cats, wind, mailmen, people walking, other dogs, squirrels, grass, air, plants, birds, garbage, etc.

2. 12 Paws to wipe everytime the go outside

3. 3 bowls of food to fill and then the coaxing of said dog to eat any of it EVERY DAY. "Come on Cali. Eat your food. Come on - Eat your food. PLEEEEEEEASE Eat your food. Please. Now. Cali. Eat."

4. MORE dog hair. And for those of you that know me. Whoa.

5. 3 vet visits each year

6. 3 Groomer appointments

7. Trying to find someone to watch 3 dogs when we have somewhere to go. IMPOSSIBLE.

8. Have you ever tired to walk 3 dogs? Bad idea. Bad. Horrible.

9. She had a "crazy" gene. Serious.

1. She and Lena played SO DAMN CUTE together!

2. Her cute face

3. Her cute butt - no seriosuly she had and 80's Prom Hair butt - totally cute!!

4. Giving her a home that she can finally count on since she had been shipped around so much

5. The look on people's faces when I told them I got another dog

6. Her little growl

SO as you can see - the Negatives won and we had to give her back to Quan - who I am sure gave her to the Humane Society, but I won't ask because I really don't need to know... It was kinda sad, but I know it was the right thing to do. Had it been a ferret - I would have kept it, but being that it was a dog and I couldn't hide that from Josh we had to move on...

I am planning another Work trip up to Canada only this time to Toronto. We are shooting a couple of commercials for One Goal Hockey. Sweet. Sports! It should be cool to visit, but I am not really a Hockey lady. But hey - it's a free trip and I could use one right now!

Tomorrow night is a big ol' poker game at the Birdhouse! I am excited to see if my winning streak will continue. I think I have won like 4 in the last 6 or so. I get the luck when we play at my house I am tellin' yah! So if anyone's around and wants in - we are playing at 7:30pm and the buy-in is $10!

So thats that! I hope Amanda has her baby tonight so I can not come into work tomorrow! We have Tuna Tuesday tonight and Andrea is making tacos. Maybe the hot sauce will be just what she needs to jump start the process!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


No it's not the engaged you are thinking. Actually my friend who is about 4 weeks from delivering her baby just found out the baby's head is "engaged".... That to me is the FREAKIEST THING EVER. That means the head is now in her pelvis - just waiting for the right time to start the journey out. And out means you have to push it through your vagina. YIKES! I am in awe of her right now as a woman just thinking about that. Cause - if it were me, I would have to be popping zantax until I couldn't remember what was going to happen until it was out. So that is the big news on my front. Babies and babies - Oh and I have "acquired" another dog. Josh is not so hot on this idea, but I am still hoping he will come around - I just adore this lil' thing! I do suppose that 3 dogs may be a little much, but if you look at the sizes of the dogs, it's really more like 1 1/2 dogs. I will have to put up a picture once I take one....

Also the things I have done since my last post.....

First things - I have spent ALOT of time outside this summer which is a great feeling. For some reason once Winter hits, I always have regrets and say I wish I would have taken advantage of the weather while we have it.... So - for once, I think this display of photos will do my summer justice....

The Pool Party we had at Jason's Sisters house....

Me and the Beans just hangin' on a floaty

And this guy after spending maybe a little too much time in the sun

Also on our travels this summer we did the 3rd Annual Hok-Si-La camping trip down in Lake City MN! We played the usual game of "If I roll ____, I will do _____" that has now been re-named "Donkey" (since you make an ass of yourself), of course 'Jug' and the usual drinking and screaming. It was CAMP 2006 and we will always look forward to the next year so we can make more memories! Here are some in the form of a photo....

Here is Andrea, Nate and Kolby just hanging out!

Oh and here's Jason after a dare in the game of Donkey were he had to wear a Coleman rain-suit for 30 minutes WITHOUT any clothes on underneath. Notice the translucent style... If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of sac!

Our very own Nate also had a Birthday! So we celebrated at the Volleyball courts with volleyball on a Sunday and slip and slide wars! Notice the beer in hand.....

And of course the occasional Poker game in the Birdhouse! I have been on a little bit of a streak lately - 2 games in a row!

Also - there have been many other winners....Like Nate and Michael

And our SECOND Royal Flush that Dave Schnack got!!

We also went to see the Flaming Lips at the State Fair - We saw a Coleman Banner there ----- god we love that Company. They make amazing Flashlights and pretty good Rain-suits....

ALL the girls at the Show...

And last week I worked on ANOTHER Twin's commercial. I got to meet Santana and Nathan along with Leriano - forgive me I know NOTHING about baseball.... But I did learn a thing or two about being a fireman!!

And I also learned that I CANNOT be sexy next to a Viper no matter how hard I try.....

So there you have it. A recap of my summer in pictures.... I hope you all had as much fun this summer as I did. And if you didn't you should give me a call and I will include you on the next one....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Vancouver = Hard Drugs

So I was in Vacouver for like 12 days for work and I am still getting used to the Minnesota way of life again....

The trip was mostly work and drinking. I know this may sound confusing, but I basically mean that during the day - we worked so that left no time for shopping, site-seeing, etc, but then in the evening there was PLENTY of time for drinking. So we did. A Lot. But we still managed to shoot a nice commercail for Papa Murphy's without too much hungoverness. I say "too much" quite loosely due to one night of drinking and challanging my boss to a drinking contest - which I lost - and the next day I didn't do so well. I went to bed - got up and puked. I woke up - puked. I got on set and just as I drank a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice, I puked - behind the craft service trailer - and the Papa Muprhy's cleint found me bent over hurling... I was awesome.

But I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and hung in there... It took me a good 6 hours to feel normal again, but I made it. And I even drank again! The last night we were there however, is when things started to feel outta hand. and the "drugs" of Vancouver took over....

Now, Vancouver for those who have never been is a beautiful city with many things to see, but the one thing that kept on showing up were the homeless people addicted to hard drugs. They had the "heroin shuffle" and the "crack walk" as my boss noted. There are parts of the downtown area that the locals actually call Crack Town. Seriously scary shit! But none of it hit home until we were on our last night out - the "Wrap Party" if you will...

We are having a couple of beers and laughing and just enjoying the fact it's all over, when someone gets the great idea to find some pot! And why not! It's practically legal there! So we try and we try and all the one guy could find was Cocaine. And it was in his pocket. But me, as most of you know are not about to go there, so I just drink and tell those boys - NO! But of course boys will be boys and apparently (when I say apparently, I mean I didn't pick up on this until 5 am when none of them were tired... hmmmm... DUH!) they went ahead and did this stuff. One of the guys is trying to rub up on one of the girl's legs and her back. She kindly ignores it, but then it turns into full on molesting! He tells her that he's into Golden Showers and would love it if she would go in the bathroom and give him her panties... And so the night ended a little wierd. I still don't know if it was the drugs or just this guys alter personality, but it was crazy. Maybe Vancouver makes you crazy. I don't know. All I know is I haven't drank that much in that many nights since college and I feel like I need a good long night in a sweat lodge to feel normal.

So there you have it. Drinking = Vancouver and Vancouver = Hard Drugs and Hard Drugs = Molesting and Molesting = Golden Showers and Golden Showers = that guy will never work on anything I ever shoot in Vancouver again.....


Friday, March 17, 2006

I have to admidt some stuff.....

So - I have been myspacing like a mo-fo and I need to check myself. I learned how to post pictures so I have been spamming people with embarassing photos of themselves that more often than not - they do not remember taking.... But that was not enough. I have now searched my high school and found too many people that I know. I never cared about these people before this, why now? Why would I care what Liza Gasper is doing with her life 7 years later? She has never even ONCE popped into my head since we graduated. Weird how a picture of something you remember makes you want to see more. So now I have officially myspaced my own face off and I am one of "those" addicted folks...

I am reaching out to you for help. Make the weather nice again so I can do more constructive things with my life. Call me and ask me to hang out. Just GET ME OUTTA HERE!

On a side note - I found this website about gay stuff and I totally recommend watching BOTH videos. Seriously. Someboday did that....


Happy St. Patricks day to all you Irish and non-Irish alike! Go on with you bad self and toast one of those green-colored beers to a great summer that is right around the corner ----- right?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Drinking and Pirating

So we went to a couple of Film premier's this week - both were very lovely indeed. But then afterwards, there is always a party. The "After" party if you will. As far as I am concerned, there really is no need to call it an "after" party when the party doesn't start until then to begin with, but whatever. Unless I am drinking - it's not a party.

So whilst drinking at one of these "after" parties - oh and PS - both were run by the same "promotion company" - please don't get me started on THAT guy - ANYWAY - so that means they were at the SAME place with the SAME food and the SAME valet charge. It was funny though - almost like dejavu. Trocaderos - or as we like to call it - "Trucker Daryls"... It's in the warehouse area of downtown. It's okay, but after 2 nights, it's seriously not my style. Normal people do not hang out at this place. Hoochy Mommas do. And on Tuesday nights - Olympic Salsa Dancers hang out here too. Not people like me - and certainly not people like this guy.....

Notice the Sword in the Beard?

Also - take a look at the matching shirts in this one..... Certainly NOT Trocaderos material, but we had fun....

If you have to head over to "Trucker Daryls" we suggest Tuesdays so you can see the crazy salsa dancing that takes place.... It's kinda like watching a porno - only not with big cocks, but with feet.... Get it?

On the note of Swords and Pirating - I thought I would throw these lovelies into this blog - as they are quite pirate-like. I have been trying to find a great way to transition these into a post. If you remember a post a while back - BLOG POST , you will remember the eye problems I had for a few days... Well I went to the doctor and apparently he prescribed FUN WITH PATCHES to make my eye feel better... And yes - it worked....

Music Video History....

So Josh and I are working on a Motion City Soundtrack Video - they are a local band that has kind of sprung up from the Roots here in Mpls and is actually making it! They are on tour with one of my favorite bands EVER - Ok Go, so you know they are huge!

Anyway - last week we pulled together a full on Production with 3 locations in 2 days. I wasn't sure it would all work out, but after a 13 hour day and only one item of the band's being stolen - we had all the shots we set out to get. The stealing part kinda sucked - no one knows who did it. I am reluctant to believe is was someone on my crew, but in order to be realistic, I may need to think twice about who I have on my sets. There were a few people I didn't know so that makes me worried.... It was also like a million below zero last Sunday and we spent quite a few hours outdoors, so that sucked. But all in all, after seeing some of the footage - it looks amazing.... Here are a few stills from the set with the band.

Check out their website and buy the re-released record once it's out - this video will be on it!
Motion City Soundtrack

Friday, February 24, 2006

Let's check this out.....


A Guy I Once Knew.....

I was reminded last night of a very "Interesting" guy I used to work for. He is definitely NOT an MVP and in no way do I look up to him. But he did provide endless hours of entertainment whilst goofing on his actions, behaviors and hairstyles. So one specific instance has been playing over and over in my head and after sharing it last night with a friend, they encouraged me to post it up for everyone to see...

So - I know you know the pants I am talking about - the ones that "Zip-Away" or as they have come to be known as "Shants"? Here's how they work - you can start out the day with pants on and as the temperature increases, you can remove the bottom half to stay cool. Anyway - I have a feeling most normal dudes would not just wear these pants on a normal basis. Maybe when hiking up a mountain. Or maybe while fishing or camping. Not probably while running a business. That's just my thought though. SO when my boss showed up to work with these pants on, I giggled a little inside - asking myself who this guy thought he was. Well apparently he thinks he is pretty fucking sweet and these pants would clearly prove it as he non-scholantely sits down and just asks about normal work related business. As I fill him in on the days happenings, he starts to remove a leg of his "short-pants". I kind of pretend not to notice so I don't give him any reason to continue, cause - I am not sure how far he is going to go with this! So he slowly takes one off - making sure to drag it out - wanting me to say something - ANYTHING so that he can feel cool about his choice of pants. I chose to ignore it. He ends up walking out of my office with one leg exposed and one leg still in pants. I almost peed my pants. Then I watch as he slowly works his way to the front of the office and pops into another person's room. As I walk by I see he has removed the other leg now adorning a lovely pair of shorts. At first the experience seemed funny and almost sad in a way. But then I thought about what he had actually done and I was disgusted. That man - my boss - took a "shant" in my office. It was rude, unprofessional and gross. Then he gets up and "shants" in another office. I swear, the next time guy has to take a "shant" he should do it in the privacy of his own bathroom. Gross me out and forever I will never look at these pants the same....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two Things.....

First.... I can't beleive that this exists. It seems there is a larger market for this sort of thing than I had previously thought.... And for some reason my ass kinda hurts....

Also - My friend Danielle has the cutest baby EVER and I just wanted you all to see her....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Over the Water Line

So - home improvement is in full swing at the Thacker/ Stavig household. It seems however that every time we make a stride forward - there is something that sets us back a bit. Not always a BIG bit, but enough to make it annoying.
To begin our story....
We ripped out all the old tile and just when we thought it was so great that we did that - we find out that it was asbestos. Okay - I am sure Josh is fine, but still! Not something you want to find out AFTER you have already been breathing it in for three days.
Then - painting. It took THREE coats to make it seem solid. That was a pain in the ass.
Then the toilet removal and then subsequent replacing of. Josh tells me there is a wax ring around the bottom to keep the "gaseous fumes" out. Gross me out. I am sooooo glad I missed that one. No weird story there, except that Josh ended up having to get another one after he misplaced the first one. Trial by error!

THEN - the motherload of nights. So - we are putting in the LAST piece of baseboard around the perimeter with a nail gun. No problems - when all of a sudden I hear what sounds like a gas leak and Josh comes running out of the bathroom with fury in his eyes. I wasn't sure if I should follow because I though he was running from a potential explosion! But it turns out - he hit the water line. HA! Well isn't that just sweet! So there is all this water running out of the wall and we were 1 piece of trim away from being done. We end up cutting the wall open and finding the hole. Thankfully it was behind the sink so no need to re-do anything. We go to Home Depot with our digital camera to show the guy what happened and he pointed us in the right direction. Of course, Home Depot didn't have the right part - so it's off to Menards. We get the stuff and Josh totally plumbs the shit out of the pipes. All is well - I start working on the bathtub. We bought replacement fixtures and a new drain. As I am removing the old drain, by prying it off with a screwdriver, a piece of it flys up into my eye! It hurt so bad I actually went to an eye doctor. I have gel drops and it's getting better thank you very much for asking....

But that's not the end! I try and try to get the bathtub spout on, but after the eye thing and just plain bitch-ass pieces not working right, I quit with the new stuff and just threw the old one back on. But I forgot to "fasten" it tight. So the next day I wake up to take a shower - I turn the water on and the spout literally flies across the bathtub and water is shooting out sideways. SO needless to say. I washed my hair in the sink that morning.

I am so ready to be done "fixing" stuff. It seems I am better at making more things harder than they need to be and I definitely hurt myself more than any normal person should... I am working on it, but I think it's just a safer idea to hire someone else to do it. It's hard.

So - the bathroom looks great - I am very proud of Josh and I of the hard work we put into it. But I am done now. I will post pictures soon and you can all see for yourself that the whole "do it yourself" thing can be rewarding... But also dangerous...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Arctic Cat's and Beer

So this last weekend was - semisweet. I was expecting awesomeness, adventurousness and total memorableness, but it was just.... eh.

We went to Lutsen this last weekend for the Annual Post Production/Advertising Agency/Drunkeness/Ski/Snowboarding weekend that I go to every year - 4 total now. And usually it proves to be a photo-opportunity-around-every-corner kinda weekend, but I swear every year either I get older and more crotchety or the people who come are less and less cool. I am going with the latter because - f that! I am NOT getting to an age where partyin' is lame. I love partyin'! I carry party around in my pocket for christ's sake! But the people who end up going want to go to the stupid bar that is on the resort to hang out with all the yuppie-types who are styaing at the resort too. It's like camp for adults or something. If everyone was into going to the local watering hole to hang out with toothless Mary working the pulltabs booth - THATS another story. I would SO be down for that. VFW! These people were NOT locals. They were just like people in Minneapolis that go to Williams and throw peanuts on the floor. Lamos. Not my kinda party you know? So instead Josh and I rallied a sweet game of "If I roll a _____ I will do _____ ". Roll a pair of dice and fill in the blank. Let's just say the folowing things HAD to be done...

1. I had to wear a plastic grocery bag like a diaper for 1 hour.
2. Josh had to eat a huge pad of butter on a banana
3. Josh also had to brush his teeth with a banana
----- (FYI - Josh is really not into bananas anymore.... )
4. Kelley had to wear her bathing suit on the OUTSIDE of her clothes
5. Nick had to take a sip out of everyone's drink at the table. There were lots of dead soilders that he had to taste.... Ewww..
6. I had to edure 2 bananas being thrown at me ---- we had limited props
7. Nick had to drink tequilla like a dog....

So as you can see - we at least tried to make the weekend fun.... by making ourselves look like idiots. But hey! I got some sweet pictures.....

Anyway - I get back on Sunday night and return to work on Monday - to find out that I am shooting a commercial in Lutsen on TUESDAY NIGHT. Like hell I am driving back up there to stand in the butt-fucking freezing to shoot snowmobiles. So I opted to stay back for "containment" issues. Just trying to save the company money! But we did shoot Tuesday during the day in a studio in town and that was AWESOME! On the 1st shot however, the snowmobile was figuring out where it would end up when it slid onto the set and it slid too far too fast and knocked over a 10K light! It shattered into a million little pieces and scared everyone to death. For those of you that don't know Production - those babies run about $7,000! It was one of those nightmares on set that you never can be ready for - especially since it was the 1st shot. We thought we were f'd for the rest of the day. Thankfully everything went smoothly and our 84 year old actor didn't die. I would say it was a success!

SO - who is coming over to clean my house? It's full of boxes and shit - yes Scott - actual shit. I need it GONE!


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cause I am....

So I am sups bored at work today and I am not sure how to deal with it. Since starting this job 3 weeks ago, I have barely had time to eat lunch during the day - let alone waste company time on the internets checking other people's Blogs. SO today I have decided to check in with the Online world and post some happenings as of late.
First happening: We moved into our NEW house! WELL - not NEW as in brand new, but new as in I nor Josh has ever lived in it...
Second happening: I tiled a bathroom floor. It sucked, but now it looks sooooooo cool. Sometimes hard work pays off, but I would rather pay someone else for thier hard work next time.
Third Happening: I almost bought a new car! But I didn't.
Fourth Happening: There are robberies in the new hood that have made me very skittish outside. People are being robbed blocks away from the our new house at gunpoint in front of thier homes or in their driveways. Sweet. I love guns - wait - this reminds me of a Hiaku:

I wear a holster
I think I am a cowboy
Guns guns guns guns guns

So anyway - I am considering getting a BB Gun or some other intimidating-looking weapon that I can't kill myself with - any ideas? Maybe I just hire one of my "bigger" friends to hang out a lot?

Fifth Happening: I got to meet Torii Hunter! Not really that cool to me - but lots of people really love that guy. Apparently he plays for the Minnesota Twins - I don't mean like "apparently" as in - it may not be true, but you get it. I am producing a few commercials for the Twins campaign and we had our shoots last week. This is how much I watch baseball - Two very well dressed dudes walk in and I knew ONE of them was Torii Hunter. One was black and the other was white. I didn't know which one he was and I had to consult my Production book to be sure... I am lame.

So thats kinda what I have been up to... working on the new house and moving out of the old one. Sweet huh? BUT - once the house is up and running - Poker in the Anus? Yes. Yes, Indeed.