Monday, November 28, 2005

I still have a bat on my window.....

I can't believe Christmas is like 4 weeks away! I am sooooo not ready and am kinda dreading it. I have yet to put away my Halloween Decorations, and with the new house and the whole living at two places thing I don't see the need to break out the Christmas boxes or get a tree. Thats so sad to me! That is usually one of my most favorite things to do at Christmas is get a giant tree to big for the room and make it be-au-tiful! Oh well. I guess I will always have next year. And the year after that. And then two years from now. And so on and so fourth.

Thankgiving was some great Sioux Falls times let me tell you! I made a bisque that tasted a little like baby food so that was gross. And then after eating dinner - eating ANOTHER dinner about 3 hours later. I think there may have been another additional dinnner-snack around 2 hours later, but I was a little overstuffed and my judgement may have been impared. Josh came with this year which was nice for me. We also got in a little "partyin' " at the local stripmall watering hole - The Uppercut! I ran into many friends from high school that have not changed much. Josh got to meet them all as well and that was funny to watch. One in particular - this one guy became quite infatuated with Josh and thought the more he "rapped" like Eminem in Josh's ear, the more likely Josh would be to put him in a movie. I think it took him about 40 minutes to find something better to do. Poor Josh. I got wasted of course soon after taking a couple of Jag-bombs and that pretty much ruined me the next day as well. We did get out to the local appliance store and took advantage of my "blue-collar-famliy-discount"! It's great having relatives that work in those kinds of jobs - you can always get a deal on everything! So we got an entire kitchen appliance set - A fridge, a stove, a micro-hood and a dishwasher for $1650! All of them in Stainless Steel! I can't wait to see them in our kitchen! It's gonna be great.....

Thats all I know - I am defintely not ready for the "work" thing to happen again. I will have to bite the bullet tomorrow and put on my "I wear-a badge-and-that-makes-me-important-when-really-we-all-know-I'm-not" face and deal. I will manage!

I think it's time for a poker game again. Who's in?

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