Monday, November 14, 2005

I just popped my cherry!

My blog cherry that is!

I have been reading so many other people's blogs and learning things about these people. I know more about a couple of them than I do my best friend - so I thought it was time for me to share. If not for anything else but to give others out there a deep personal look into me without actually having to know me.

So is that what you do here? Just say what you mean? And talk about stuff that you would normally not discuss? Well let me think about some more stuff to say and then I will divulge.



cloaked in failure said...

F you and the rest of you retarded retards high on dumb juice...I will not read your blog...and that is that!

I've got more important shit to do, like contemplating new and exciting ways to snuff out my pathetic existence....

Enjoy your blogging experience, but beward...they will turn on you once you take a week DON'T

hoLynn said...

it's true... skip a day or two and you're f'ing dead!