Monday, November 28, 2005

I can think of a few things to put on MY cat!

This website comsumed about 3 hours of my day today. A normal person will enjoy this, but not for 3 hours - maybe like 15 minutes, but I like cat photos. Check it out. And then seriously put some stuff on your cat and post it.

Stuff on My Cat

I still have a bat on my window.....

I can't believe Christmas is like 4 weeks away! I am sooooo not ready and am kinda dreading it. I have yet to put away my Halloween Decorations, and with the new house and the whole living at two places thing I don't see the need to break out the Christmas boxes or get a tree. Thats so sad to me! That is usually one of my most favorite things to do at Christmas is get a giant tree to big for the room and make it be-au-tiful! Oh well. I guess I will always have next year. And the year after that. And then two years from now. And so on and so fourth.

Thankgiving was some great Sioux Falls times let me tell you! I made a bisque that tasted a little like baby food so that was gross. And then after eating dinner - eating ANOTHER dinner about 3 hours later. I think there may have been another additional dinnner-snack around 2 hours later, but I was a little overstuffed and my judgement may have been impared. Josh came with this year which was nice for me. We also got in a little "partyin' " at the local stripmall watering hole - The Uppercut! I ran into many friends from high school that have not changed much. Josh got to meet them all as well and that was funny to watch. One in particular - this one guy became quite infatuated with Josh and thought the more he "rapped" like Eminem in Josh's ear, the more likely Josh would be to put him in a movie. I think it took him about 40 minutes to find something better to do. Poor Josh. I got wasted of course soon after taking a couple of Jag-bombs and that pretty much ruined me the next day as well. We did get out to the local appliance store and took advantage of my "blue-collar-famliy-discount"! It's great having relatives that work in those kinds of jobs - you can always get a deal on everything! So we got an entire kitchen appliance set - A fridge, a stove, a micro-hood and a dishwasher for $1650! All of them in Stainless Steel! I can't wait to see them in our kitchen! It's gonna be great.....

Thats all I know - I am defintely not ready for the "work" thing to happen again. I will have to bite the bullet tomorrow and put on my "I wear-a badge-and-that-makes-me-important-when-really-we-all-know-I'm-not" face and deal. I will manage!

I think it's time for a poker game again. Who's in?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Daytime TV

I hate when I look at the clock and it's 4:00 - cause Trading Spaces just finished - and I have wasted on my couch almost 3 hours???? It happens sometimes. The daytime TV suck-in. First it starts with Days of Our Lives - very innocent. Usually I am getting ready and it's just on. It doesn't ALWAYS suck me in. But if I am moving slow and get downstairs without showering... I end up watching TLC - Bringing Home Baby at 1:00. Then of course right after that Starting Over is on at 2:00 and then Trading Spaces at 3:00. All of these shows make no impact on my life. They all kind of leave me feeling like I need something I don't or just stupider after seeing them. So why do I allow myself this sort of tourture? I can't explain why I would rather sit in pajamas, with dirty hair and bad breath and find out what happens to Lisa on Starting Over! She teteering on be booted out! I mean - HELLO! And what if Marlana gets her memory back and smacks that stupid amnesia doc in the teeth and finally sees John for what he is? And if Shawn and Mimi get it on - and I was not there to see it ---- oh god - I don't want to think about it.

So sometimes not having a regular job is a challange. I struggle every day to make myself useful. Sometimes, there is not a lot you can do about it but watch this dreadedfully wonderful daytime TV. I do other stuff at the same time though. Today I looked up Squash and Pumkin Bisque recipies all day and found a couple I would like to try for Thanksgiving. I also went though to see if there is anything good for the new house and cleaned up a bit. So I was multitasking! I guess I need to find a real job - or get a real hobby... :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Seasons Change.... People Change....

So, I talked to a girl who a few years back I would have called my best friend - until of course she wrote me off her list of friends after a ridiculous mis-understanding. I am not even going to go into it, but it was stupid enough for her to approch me after two years of hating me at a wedding - when she was wasted - to apoligize and take shots. I was sure she was crazy, but I thought it better to humor her than to fight back so I took shots and tried to get over it for the night. I never call her really and I have no interest in a friendship - especially after the way she would turn on someone the way she did me for the stupdiest thing. She was a lot different from me and I just couldn't see us getting close ever again. See, she has develped a love for 4 wheeling, Nascar, Busch Light and Jerry Springer. All things that I can't get into to - even for a friend. There are reasons that people are friends - you have things in COMMON.

Anyway - when we were friends, she always had a way of getting what she wanted, or manipulating her husband into being exactly the way she thought he should be. It was hard to watch her take that Man and turn him into a lifeless, submissive, helpless human, but she did. They met in college and it wasn't long after that - she decided that they needed to be engaged - so they were. Then not long after that, she decided they needed to be married. I am assuming that it would make it easier for her to say - " no - you can't go to band practice tonight because I am your wife and I say no" So she made him go to the courthouse and get married just because. No family - no friends. Just because. I am not assuming any of this either. Sometimes when he would get drunk he would give me a little insight into how they became so "entangled". I always felt so bad for him. I always told him that he deserved so much better. But he was made to think he could do nothing. He never touched his own money. He never did the laundry. He never was allowed to decorate the house or decide what he would do from one night to the next. She wanted him to feel helpless so he would never leave. She even moved them to Buffalo MN 2 years ago so that he would have no connections to his old friends and she could be out in the country with 4-wheelers and B-B Guns all the time. He went along with it all - which I realize was his own fault. Be a man! Stand up for yourself!! It was hard to watch.

SO --- after all that back story! I get a call from her yesterday. She left me this extemely urgent - "Call me right away" kinda message so when I couldn't get a hold of her - I call her husband. He sounded terrible and he told me that she asked him for a divorce last week and he was a mess. I couldn't believe she would ever leave him. I always thought that she needed him there so that she had something to control and without him, she would be lost. But apparently not. After I got off the phone with him - she called me back. Not only was she talking about this whole thing as if it was no big deal and how much of a baby her husband was being about this whole thing - she tells me that she has be f'ing her neighbor for the last week! How seriously white trash is that? Of course her husband has no idea and she has no intentions of telling him. But she has the balls to tell him to get out of the house they bought together out in the middle of no-where after 7 years of marrige? I am in disbelief that this shit happens. I am so sad for that poor guy. He has no idea how to make food, do laundry, manage a checkbook or any of those things that we all learn in college. I know it's mostly his own fault, but if you had met this woman - you would understand a little more.

So officially - I am going to say she is crazy. And unofficially, I am going say I am glad. This gives me a great reason to not talk to her much any more. I can't be around that kinda WT. It's totally contagious.

It was raining slush today - you know what that means.... 5 more degrees colder and it would'a been snow. Scary.

A little more insight - VISUAL

Halloween Retards
Originally uploaded by Guildgirlabby.
Here I am with Josh - my baby - and Nate our roomate.

It was Halloween.

I just popped my cherry!

My blog cherry that is!

I have been reading so many other people's blogs and learning things about these people. I know more about a couple of them than I do my best friend - so I thought it was time for me to share. If not for anything else but to give others out there a deep personal look into me without actually having to know me.

So is that what you do here? Just say what you mean? And talk about stuff that you would normally not discuss? Well let me think about some more stuff to say and then I will divulge.